80+ Short Haircuts Spring Summer 2020

Short haircuts Spring Summer 2020: trends in 80 images

Very scaled pixie cuts, retro-inspired haircuts or more modern and extravagant, here are all the trends for short haircuts spring summer 2020!

The 2020 spring summer short haircuts trends feature shaded pixie cuts, asymmetrical, side or very scaled haircuts. The messy look is the heart of all the trends for haircuts dedicated to the hot season, accompanied by unexpected details regarding the cut of the tuft and the bangs. Curious to find out what are the trends for the most beautiful spring summer 2020 short haircuts? Here are the pictures of the proposals of the international hairstylists and the most famous Italian hairdressers to inspire!

Trends Short Haircuts 2020 Spring Summer

What do spring summer 2020 short haircuts trends prescribe? Fabio Salsa rewards short cuts for women 2020 for blonde hair in which the fake disheveled effect is given by accentuated scaling and extensions, while at Frack Provost it is the tuft that livens up the look. The pointed and geometric cuts make red hair more intriguing. For brown hair there is no lack of more decisive 70s retro touches, such as those awarded by Saint Algue, with long side tufts in front of the ear to underline the features and enhance the long and oval face. But let’s discover together the photos of the most beautiful and fashionable 2020 short haircuts for women!

Scaled Short Haircuts

Scaling has a prominent place in the haircuts for the summer. Among the most interesting scaled short cuts 2020 we find those with marched and shaded hair by Jean Louis David, long behind and very short above, for a more lively 80s look. Ideal for those with fine hair, the short scaled haircuts create volume and movement in the hair, allowing us to create cheeky hairstyles without too much effort. The long tuft gives dimension to Fabio Salsa’s looks, cuts halfway between pixies and bob cuts perfect to streamline the lines of a round face. For those who prefer a more modern style there are the disheveled scaled haircuts proposed by Andrew Smith.

Short cuts

To create movement and give dimension to looks with short hair, the parade cuts are the ideal solution, from the modern and spirited looks of Framesi to those of Andrew Smith and Jean Louis David that add to the mix also a parade bangs, often very short! Long front tufts give liveliness to Gonzalo Zarauza’s short spring 2020 cuts, while Angelo Vallillo and Dale Herne focus on asymmetrical and original haircuts, ideal especially for a girl.

Short Wavy Haircuts

What are the new fashion cuts for those with wavy hair? A general return to retro lines and volumes characterizes the more particular women’s short haircuts 2020, from the 80s looks with side line by Coiff & Co to the short wavy cuts with very short mannish touches above and long under JLD. The bangs should not be underestimated this year also for wavy hair, ideal for removing the unwanted extra volume from thick hair and for hiding a broad forehead. Do you like these looks? Discover also the most beautiful wavy haircuts of the moment!

Very Short and Pixie Hair Cuts

The pixie cut, the most loved of the very short cuts, gets even shorter! Intermede’s proposal is a very racy haircut garçonne, easy to keep in order and requiring very little care, a very popular choice among forties, fifties and over 50. However, this is a cut that is not suitable for those who have large and waving ears, which obviously remain in the foreground. How to get around? The short 2020 cuts with long tufts in front of the ears certainly help to minimize their shape, but we can also opt for the short cuts above and long behind with a long lateral tuft, ideal for making the shape of the nose appear more linear and for smoothing the features also marked in a regular face. In terms of hair color, in addition to the classic blonde and brown hair, gray hair and peach blond are back in fashion.

Short cuts 2020 with bangs

Short haircuts with bangs, from the more feminine looks of Framesi and Vivienne Mackinder with full bangs to those with short bangs and parade of Angelo Vallillo and Dale Herne with a bohemian mood, are depopulated among the hairstyles for the new year. But for those who love a more modern and lively style, among the short 2020 haircuts there is the bob cut or bob designed for those who prefer the medium length, also with a bangs paraded and scaled to give dynamism to the facial features. If you loved these looks, discover other ideas of short haircuts with bangs and forelock in our in-depth analysis!

Short Bob

For those with a penchant for bob hair there are very interesting news in view of the summer. Among the short haircuts 2020, the 60s-style ones are depopulated, which stop at the height of the ears, as in the proposal by Bernadette Beswick. For Coiff & Co the colored locks liven up the bob cuts with short bangs or with tufts, while Daniele Tarantino rewards more refined looks as a “good girl”, with bangs and even cut. How to complete the hair color look? With the sparkling spring summer touch of colored locks!

Short geometric cuts

Want to dare with an original haircut? Green light for geometric and eccentric haircuts, from the short back and long cuts in front of Framesi to liven up with colored streaks to those of Matteo Susini in which plays of clean lines and striking color contrasts dominate the scene. For those who love bold looks there are short hairstyles on one side and sharply scaled on the other by Thomas Hills proposed among the short cuts for summer 2020. While Sassoon Professional combines the shorter pixies with long tufts on the ears. Have you loved these looks? Discover all the spring summer hair color trends in our mega collection!

Short Curly Haircuts

For short curly haircuts, the password this year is naturalness and volume. To keep our curls healthy and beautiful, it is essential to use a suitable curly hair shampoo, but the proposals for trendy cuts reward above all super easy looks to wear and keep in order. The short haircuts spring 2020 of famous hairstylists like Toni & Guy aim to underline with style the oval of the face, remaining shorter on the head, while for those looking for a short youthful cut there are those with bangs that approach a bob cut in length , also ideal for those with afro hair with very tight curls. Have you loved these looks? Take a look at many other ideas of curly haircuts in our study!

Smooth short cuts

How to give liveliness to straight hair? For straight short haircuts, hairdressers prescribe irregular, asymmetrical and lateral haircuts that create movement and make thin hair appear fuller. Streaks, balayage and intense shades for colored hair will certainly be our allies to give liveliness to the hair, ideal solutions to cover white hair but also to give a more youthful touch to the look.

Short Asymmetrical cut

Among the short haircuts for summer 2020, asymmetrical long hair on the front and short on the back remain very popular, perhaps with tufts combed upwards for a more glamorous and dramatic effect. Ross Charles goes against the current and offers women’s short haircuts on one side and long on the other, while CULt Creative Team also adds to the mix an asymmetrical fold, smooth on one side and with curls on the other!

Unkempt Woman Short Haircuts

Little time to get ready in the morning? The fake messy cuts are what we do! Designed to be youthful and glamorous but not too precise, the short disheveled cuts are offered in very short pixie versions by Danilo Noir or bob cut style on the neck by Sassoon Professional. We are talking about looks made more particular thanks to unthreading, scaling and asymmetrical cuts that also involve the fringe and the side tufts, as in the case of the proposal by Shaun Hall.

What do you think of our collection of trendy spring summer 2020 short haircuts ideas? What is the look you will choose for the summer? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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