Short Haircuts Man 2019: ideas and trends

short haircuts man 2019

The short haircuts of trendy man in 2019. The rules are few and simple, take inspiration from these images to change your cut.

The trendy men’s short cut? Is simple. Learn these 4 simple words: hair with the row, backwards, high hue and tuft. Now take some time since the time has come to take a look at the new short haircuts for men 2019, look at all the photos we have selected for you from salons or barber shops if you prefer, where you will find many different ways to bring the short hair because every face needs the right cut.

Here’s how you can always look good and simplify your life every morning with a new short, short or classic hairstyle.

Short Haircuts Man 2019, the hazy cuts

Let’s start with short hair with nuance. Do not worry if you will see around many cuts with the shade almost shaved high, it is the fashion of the moment that emerges from the barbers who post on instagram images of the new hairstyles for men. Here is the first example. Side tuft with glitter, but with the high gradient.

It’s a type of short cut that can be worn without the line and with a gradient even behind it in the picture. It is suitable for boys. To fix the hairstyle here you need modeling products like a gel or wax.

But it is a cut that can be brought even without an important tuft. Here in the picture we see a very short military style hair with bangs and shaved sides.

They also like their backward hair back in vogue for some time. Here in this photo you see the high nuance and the smooth combed hair like a modern pompadour.

This type of hairstyle is also very popular with sportsmen, so it also brings one of the highest paid players in the NBA Gordon Hayward.

The same cut can be worn with the hair all backwards and a good dose of hair ointment on the head. Ideal for those with fine and smooth hair.

Short hair man 2019, the cuts with the side line

The male cut with the side line remains and is the most classic and elegant man’s hairstyle ever, never goes out of fashion and is good for young men as well as for young men

How do you bring it now? More or less, as always, depends on the tuft from how high the line is and the nuance. A true gentleman is the short cut by Johannes Huebl, husband of the famous Olivia Palermo. He always wears his hair like that with a short curly beard. And it’s never wrong.

This instead is a hairstyle seen at the Milan Fashion Week Fashion Week by Armani. Here the hair is slightly mossio the line is slightly lower and the hair is more nuanced on one side.

This instead is a very short male cut, classic with the high line that is well managed at home. Suitable for those with frizzy hair.

The vintage-inspired cuts with the banana tuft are also very popular among fashion bloggers. They are not easy to manage, but with a brush, a hair dryer, wax and a lot of patience, you can style your hair at home.

The other trend for short hair man 2019 is this: side line and high shade almost shaved. Basically it is a reinterpretation of the classic style with an undercut cut.

It’s a type of short cut that I like very much lately and is suitable for men of all ages and with different types of more or less long beards.

Short hair, those with the tuft

Every man at least once in life has tried to wear the hair with the tuft, and, unlike fashionable male hairstyles, the tuft like it because once the cut and the right length are found, just apply a mousse or gel to wet hair for keep it in place. Of types of tuft on short cut there are many, at this moment like so as Ronaldo leads them. Very short at the sides and cut in layers with stripes.

But the most classic and elegant way to bring a short cut with a line and a tuft is to Beckham, so it’s not difficult to make mistakes.

Of course you will want to know all the other short cuts man 2019, therefore considers this article constantly updated to show you all the latest news on the subject of various fashions for men’s hair.

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