Short Haircuts Autumn Winter 2018 2019: the most beautiful looks!

Short haircuts autumn winter 2018 2019

All the latest trends of the most famous hair stylist for short haircuts autumn winter 2018 2019!

We present a selection of the new short hair cuts proposed by the best Italian and international hair stylist! Many ideas to be inspired by helmets, pixie cut, rock look and vintage hairstyles!

Let’s find out all the latest trends short haircuts autumn winter 2018 2019!

Short Hair Winter 2018 2019

The short haircuts winter 2019 focus on looks with a natural effect and a city mood. Fabio Salsa in fact takes inspiration from the colors of the windows, the absence of constraints of street art and the urban context for his hairstyles full of energy.

Also Saint Algue proposes short hair cuts for women with soft volumes, almost moved by the wind. The lateral folds and the graduated scales associated with important tufts give a retro allure.

Short Haircut Woman With Side Line

The side row is used in short haircuts autumn 2018 not only to create volume and movement! Jean Louis David creates a helmet with a strong character that caresses the jaw. The side parting emphasizes the slightly structured straight cut.

Coiff & Co instead emphasizes the femininity of a short cut with lengths that remain unchanged up to the nape and hand-destructured volumes.

Finally, an ultra-contemporary feminine cut is presented by Fabio Salsa. The look is scaled and remains tapered thanks to the round lines given by the lengths limited to the base of the neck and on the head.

Medium Short Haircuts and Headband

The helmet is one of the short cuts with bangs or tuft more feminine and chic. Intermede proposes medium hair cut in a contemporary version with square geometries. The styling is strongly structured and enriched by a rippled effect.

Instead Coiff & Co proposes the short bob in full retro style completed by a full and straight bangs. There is no lack of modern references to the ’70s with a camouflaged line that brings dynamism. An Asian inspiration connotes the green-blue colored touch from the pop air.

Finally, the Anglo-Saxon bob is revisited in Fabio Salsa’s cart by keeping its vintage features. The cut volume is in fact enhanced by the slightly rounded amplitude of the bangs.

Short Curly and Wavy Haircuts

The short wavy hair is accented by Fabio Salsa in a combed-unkempt effect. Thanks to the strobing technique the hair is sculpted to highlight the face. The stiff effect on the tips is given by the dryer-free drying associated with the use of the plate.

Instead Framesi presents vaporous wipes that give lightness. Finally, JLD proposes short curly hair cuts pulled back or with a wavy tufts covering a part of the face. The waves are structured as well as the ringlets are clearly defined.

Short Haircuts

Among the short hairstyles scaled winter 2019 we find the cut marched Framesi. This is a pixie cut worn on the front and emphasized by plays of colors that reflect the animal style.

In contrast, Jean Louis Davis’s short woman haircut has a large volume structure in the tuft and on the top of the garment in a garcon hairstyle!

Fabio Salsa instead presents an extremely degraded rock cut. The lengths are not structured to allow you to vary the hairstyle. While with specific technique the hair stylist works on the reflections of the mahogany color.

Very Short Hair

Christophe Gaillet proposes very short cuts combined with particularly unlined asymmetrical tufts. The real turning point is the color that is blended with shimmering effects from platinum to purple!

Among the very short hair cuts we find the strict geometries combined with a clean shave of MH Academy. The gothic air of the look is emphasized by the luminosity of the white tint.

Finally Alfaparf Milano revisits the masculine crest by structuring in waves the long locks on the top of the head. In addition, the feminine dyed copper softens the look and stands out compared to the color of the underlying hair.

What do you think of the new short hair cuts autumn winter 2018 2019? Which outfits do you plan to inspire you? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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