Short haircuts 2020: 5 new smooth and scaled cuts

Short haircuts 2020

Short, straight, wavy and wavy haircuts with the forelock or bangs. The photos of the new and best 2020 haircuts for seductive and youthful short hair.

The 2020 short haircuts trends focus on women’s cuts that are never predictable and never banal. Bangs and tufts are the masters, but each type of cut is designed for women with a different style.

What do these haircuts have in common? An exquisite femininity that distances itself from the too clean cuts that harden the features, while the new types of cut give the right proportion to the face, beyond that touch of class that enhances the beauty of women of all ages.

Here are the images of the new short hair on which to choose from the best salons.

Short scaled hair with side bangs

The bangs on the side, a scaled cut lighten the tips, while the exclusive Stone Washed technique creates the intense lightening that illuminates and enhances this blonde head, created by the hair stylists of the Framesi salons for the Bukolica collection.

The new pixie cut

The Pixie Crop cut is experiencing a great comeback! For spring summer 2020 this very short cut is revisited with soft scales that frame the face, for an ultra feminine result that highlights the eyes and at the same time hides wrinkles if you have passed the sash.

The short French cut

The garçonne or androgynous style was born as a trend inspired by men’s clothing. In terms of hair, on the other hand, the girl’s hairstyle turns into a super-chic hair look. To prove it with this new short smooth cut and forelock, Jean-Marc Maniatis is considered one of the top hairdressers in Paris.

Short hair cuts with forelock

Scalings, graduations, bangs and shavings characterize the short cuts of the spring 2020 collection by Toni Pellegrino creative director of TheClub, partner of Wella. The collection aims to highlight the beauty of all women, strong determined or insecure brittle who embody every nuance of femininity. Intense colors, and new pastel colors enhance the new short cuts with tuft and line.

Smooth short cuts with bangs

The long bangs distinguishes this beautiful hairstyle on blonde hair, or rather “vanilla blonde” signed by Salvo Filetti. Also ideal for thin hair, this type of cut allows different variations of styling, but enhances an oval-shaped face, and above all young.

These are the ideas of the hairstylists for 2020 short cuts.


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