Short haircuts 2020: 5 new scaled smooth and wavy cuts

Short haircuts 2020

Short haircuts 2020, straight or wavy? From the short French cut to the smooth and scaled blur. Here are the photos of the new women’s short cuts

The new 2020 short cuts are practical elegant and feminine, let’s talk about unthreaded, scaled, fringed or wavy hair to give movement. Here you have five images of the new 2020 cuts, each type of hairstyle is designed for women who like to wear short hair at any age.

If, on the other hand, you are tempted to change your look with a chic cut, you know that after you have seen the photos you may immediately decide to cut your hair. From straight hair that gives the idea of a fake short to wavy ones to the new haircut to the girl here are the 5 photos and ideas to copy.

The short moved

As for fashion, hair trends also live from the past revisited in a more modern key. This is the garçonne cut reinterpreted in a loose and deliberately ruffled version and enhanced by a dark monochromatic tint. A type of hairstyle like this can be allows for several variations in styling.

The short smooth cut with the tuft

Made by the artistic team of WELLA, this is the type of modern cut that has its roots in the past but here to make the difference is the shade of cold blond created by specialized colorists. Also ideal for fine hair, this cut knows no age limits.

Beautiful this short feminine and youthful cut that highlights the eyes and made by the well-known Italian hairstilyst Salvo Filetti.

Short wavy hair with side bangs

Sometimes inspiration for one for a new haircut can also come from music. This is the case of Stefano Lorenzi Hairstilyst of the Italian salons of Aldo Coppola whose 2020 collection presents haircuts that aim to enhance the natural effect. We see it in this hairstyle particularly suitable for wavy hair.

Short hair with long forelock on the side

The short hair with long forelock in front is very fashionable. It is a type of cut that offers the possibility of bringing your hair backwards in the summer or when you feel like it, as well as hiding blemishes and expression lines. In short, the short hair behind and long hair in the front is the right choice for young women and more mature women.

We have shown you five new ideas of short cuts the choice is up to you, but if you want to know all the new trends in women’s hair cuts follow our website.


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