+20 Best Short Haircuts 2019

short haircuts 2019

What’s new among the short haircuts autumn winter 2018 2019? Undercut, pixie hair, scaled and uncombed cuts, short à la garçonne, new colors in many different shades ranging from chestnut to platinum blond, not forgetting the red, the silver hair, but also bolder colors and colored reflections to show off a new hairstyle with a sophisticated effect like in the salon or more natural.

The decisive cuts, the short hair with the unmistakable French style but also the very short ones to wear smooth unkempt or playing a rock style. And the medium-short? There is, too.

Short Hair, trends woman cuts for 2019

There are a thousand ways to bring a short cut: for example, leave them smooth with a bangs climbing, take them backwards with a working girl style tuft or take an example from the beautiful Charlène of Monaco who styled her short hair according to the occasions, giving some ideas for women of her age and younger ones.

Certainly one of the trendiest choices of the moment is a pixie cut like this, scaled in a deliberately disordered and locks, to be worn preferably with a bright blonde and side bangs.

The pixie cut is the trend short hair 2019, the strongest of the cold season in fact. Here we see a shaved short on the sides just above the ear and neck, on which rests the very special fashion show hair made from these light reflections lavender.

But the trends for women’s cuts do not stop here: if we look at all the proposals of hairdressers for the new year we find, to begin with, a very short cut attention easy to handle at home, like this done on brown hair and then combed with a bit of fixative.

Definitely they also return hairstyles that allow you to wear short hair uncomfortably and cheeky: you have to be well explained by the hairdresser how to manage them independently, but once you learn the technique is not difficult. These new short haircuts 2019 give to those who have regular features and a jaw plays down a bit ‘strong.

The very short hair you can keep at bay with the right hair products, to achieve a smooth and precise styling classic, which enhances a young face and delicate features. A blonde honey illuminated by just a little lighter reflections is suitable for these courts, but the blackberries will not disfigure for sure.

Among the short haircuts 2019 this is a very interesting proposal with a really new look. Part of the idea of the longer tuft and thick in the middle than on the sides and develops the volume and then to the center of the head, referring to the distant pompadour cuts for woman seen in the very recent past. A truly glamorous style and color definitely made by an expert colorist, who knows how to estimate the various shades into thin strands.

The short cut behind and on the sides with the long tuft combing it can also in this way, with the help of hair dryer and spray or wax. In this case, the lightening leaves the darker roots and turns towards the platinum on the tips, amplifying the “gust of wind” effect.

For those who love colored hair or simply like it when it dares a little more than average, this way of combing the tuft requires some experience but it is certainly effective, very rock. Hard to get a good result if you have very fine hair or if you are prone to frizz.

Short haircuts: the super short

Here is the super short: new and timeless together, this cut to the boy has a short bangs and tidy, even if it is not cut perfectly straight but is slightly removed and combed to the side. Very sophisticated and very easy to manage! Give to those who have a thin neck and without “sagging”.

The short hair in the garçonne version are among the most successful 2019 short hair. Here the bangs is full, regular but not “perfect”, and stops just under the middle of the forehead giving a look of air and care. Important to cure the shine of the hair with regular treatments.

That’s still a short perfectly by Parisian style: the length of the strands is fairly smooth and not allowed much of the volume: if you want to get this look a little ‘French is necessary to prevent the hair to swell, using wax or the oil in cream. It can give to faces of all ages, without fear for important noses and obvious ears, but it is not recommended for those with a very round face.

It has a retro style this hairstyle created by Eugene Soileman for the recent collection of Jill Sander spring summer 2018. It is suitable for a young face.

Short hair 2019 with bangs

You see several short cuts derived from the pixie cut with the long bangs worn in front. Here the locks have different lengths and are styled to create movement and attract attention to the eye. It is not easy to handle the situation at home, if you think not being able to get away with a bangs prefer a little shorter.

The long side bangs layer and the hot blonde color value to this cut of longer short hair behind.

Here, this is a typical French cut that comes out of the Paris salons. All scaled up, this haircut enhanced by the coppery brown color highlights dark eyes and is very easy to keep at home.

Cutting strands climbing for these 2019 short hair platinum blonde in color, that reveals the darker roots.

The bangs is full and even for this short bowl cut behind made in the English salons of Royston Blythe.

Short cuts with tuft

The alteration to the bangs is the new female cut with tuft climbed and very short on the nape. Proposed by the salons of New York these types of haircuts rejuvenate the face.

The tuft, however, can be combed in many ways upward as in this proposal where the French style of the short carré meets the punk style (Manitiatis Paris).

Short hair color 2019

To accompany the hair trends courts in 2019 there are new ideas about color: the hair temporary colors are not out of fashion, in fact you can play (especially on the short cut) changing look at each wash, or prefer a long-lasting color or semi-permanent type this purple purple, as shown by the hair stylist Schwarzkopf professional.

Here the darker long hair behind with smooth bangs is enhanced by blue and green colored locks (Schwarzkopf professional).


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