Short Haircuts 2019: photos and trends

short haircuts 2019

Short hair is increasingly popular because in addition to having style and sophistication, it is easy to handle and low maintenance. That’s why here we show you the short haircuts that will be most popular in 2019.

The personality has a great influence when choosing a cutting style. A short cut will not be a good choice for a person who likes avant-garde hairstyles and play with different hair textures at the same time. You should think of a style that allows numerous techniques of hairstyles, otherwise it will be too boring for you.


Short hair comes full of styles and trends this year. You can choose to wear it wavy or very straight, with bangs or without bangs, and also slightly disheveled among all variants of the pixie style. This is a layered cut that is usually worn very short and which is perfect for a woman at any age.

A young girl can wear it but also an adult woman, who will see her favored image with it. It can be worn with long and short bangs, you can comb it to one side or simply comb it up. It is very versatile. In addition to being easy to comb, this hair is easy to maintain, when the hair is growing you only have to cut the ends and is ready to resume its attractive style.

With it you will give prominence to your look, so choose a makeup that makes you look more, and of course, accessories are more admired when you have short hair.

While very short hair can come to seem a risk, it is undoubtedly one of the current styles with more style and personality. Keeping the top part long, you can create a different hairstyle every day. It is a cut that does not need too much maintenance, only use of extra tools like gel and iron.

It tends to be perfect for the person who seeks to find the balance between functionality and style. They are sexy cuts, feminine and of great courage. It is a perfect cut for the office environment, you attribute seriousness and confidence, although it does not favor all types of faces.

They are easy to maintain, you can easily highlight a pixie cut using a small amount of wax at the ends of the hair.

Some celebrities have dared to wear it super short. If you have a pretty face, it will surely look fabulous.

Pixies with side bangs

As short hair will continue to be a dominant trend, and celebrities have opted for it, you must take it into account now that you want to renew with the new season. But it is also combined with another trend that has resurfaced with fury for a few seasons, and is bangs on one side and slightly disheveled. A combination of trends in a modern and flattering image that will go very well for you.

Whether you opt for a very stylized style or a lightly disheveled effect, the short hair with bangs is a cut that refreshes the image and favors many girls. Also, keep in mind that it is very easy to maintain and look, so if you are going to cut your hair, why not take advantage of one of these looks that we present to you?

Long side bangs

Wearing a very long bangs with a pixie cut is one of the trends.

Shaved Pixie

It is also taking a lot of the shaved pixie on the back or on the sides.

Very short bobs

It is another perfect option for short hair. Modern, feminine and elegant. For women who need to add volume to their hairstyle, a layered Bob cut is perfect in a structured way.

You can customize your style to the maximum assuming another trend of the season, as are the most colorful fuses, do you dare?

You can flirt with wearing for a while the bangs on the forehead or just on the side. The bangs you already know, it is also very versatile. You can play with several looks even with short hair, so make the most of the trend.

Bob cut with short hair

To avoid frustration in the long term you should choose a cut that favors your face shape and in which you feel comfortable, with confidence. Hair takes longer to grow, so you have to take your time to choose the perfect style for you.

To hide a large forehead or to emphasize the eyes, the bangs is perfect in a Bob cut. In terms of style options, you can opt for a smooth texture using an iron or you can choose a wavy appearance.

Bobs casual

Renewing us is always the motto, and that goes beyond surpassing us every day in the different facets of life, we must renew the style and update the image. With the arrival of another season, you have to make changes, nobody wants to look too boring and everyday.

Bob style is a great alternative, is one of the great options for the next season. But if you’re a young girl and you enjoy looking great and fashionable, do not settle for just cutting your hair.

The new trends bet on the hair with a casual and rebellious air, the waves can also look with a Bob, a cascade of beautiful waves to see you very sexy.

And if you do not want so many waves, with just ripples the tips already have a style as in the next image. Nobody says you’re too conservative with the haircut.

One of the latest fashion trends and hair is to wear looks that give us a touch of carelessness. Bob hairstyling needs volume and texture, so you can help with products and shape dryer. It is a style that goes well with any type of face.

It is very common for women with curly hair to think about short hair when choosing a cut. However, this is not true. A soft shaped cut with irregular tufts is a great option. It is definitely a style that will emphasize your best features.

Short haircuts with short bangs

The bangs come back this year. And it is inclined to take it straight or cut in soft layers. With any of them you will look splendid.

Do not deprive yourself of renewing the look, that’s what you can most enjoy a change of season, see yourself renewed with another image.

Blonde, brunette or redhead can also look fabulous with short hair. Remember that this one allows you to show off your makeup and accessories so take advantage of your earrings and take on the most beautiful makeup looks of the season.


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