Short Haircuts 2019 Spring Summer: the trendy looks

Short Haircuts 2019 Spring Summer

All the latest trends of the famous hairstylist from bob cut to pixie cut in short hair cuts spring summer 2019!

We present all the trends of short haircuts spring summer 2019! The new bob cut, retro look but also pixie cut and asymmetrical cuts are fashionable. The styling and color ideas for short curly, wavy or straight hair come from the best hair stylist.

Discover the new trendy short cuts with lots of photos and images of short hair looks and tips on how to style the 2019 woman cuts!

Short fashion cut

Short Wavy Haircuts

Fabio Salsa presents short wavy haircuts with scaled volumes that frame the face. Controlling the hair in a controlled way, creating indefinite lines, increases the body of the hair and the natural effect.

In addition, cotonare the front part to structure the tuft back in a wavy pouf with a retro look. The short female cuts are highlighted by sunstrokes proposed by Coiff & Co.

Short Curly Haircuts

Among the short curly hairstyles we find the 80s style bob cut. The short hair trend 2019 sees voluminous and lively hair, with rebellious locks lightened by meches (Intermede).

The curling irons help to create undefined imperfect and curly waves. It focuses on the natural and disordered effect for which you just need to dress the curls and give a spray of lacquer (Jean Louis David).

Red hair, short bob cut

Short Hair 2019, Headband

The regular bob cut is repeated by Coiff & Co with a side line and Intermede with full bangs. While Fabio Salsa presents an asymmetric headband with parades.

This short cut can be slightly wavy to emphasize the frontal streaks. Or, by combining a smoothing shampoo with a thermal round brush, a straight or slightly curved fold can be used (JLD).

Short Hair with Bangs or Wisp

The short hair cuts scaled combined with a long tuft give a vintage look like the shaved hairstyle of Fabio Salsa. Among the short haircuts with bangs there is the helmet that enhances the reflections of colored hair.

Untidy tufts and asymmetrical bangs are adapted to the pixie cut of Intermede and Coiff & Co. Short hair with bangs or tuft can be structured and formal or shabby if left to dry in the air.

Pixie cut jaunty

Short Hairstyles

Short cuts can show off wavy hairstyles using a round pistra or a hair iron. There are various techniques to give volume to the hair and create untidy hairstyles that highlight the hair pulled out.

For a more rock look you can opt for a structured hairstyle applying a lacquer or a gel with extra strong hold and wet effect (Jean Louis David).

Fold short hair with a lacquered wave

What do you think of the new trends for female cuts for short hair 2019? Which styles among the short cuts 2019 do you like best? And what kind of short hair would you like to try? Tell us in the comments!


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