Short hair: 23 new trendy cuts that make the difference

Short hair: 23 new trendy cuts that make the difference

New short haircuts from the best hair stylists according to the 2020 trends. Look at these images and get ideas for your cut.

Are you looking for short haircuts? Why not, the long does not dictate law and there are really so many new cuts of trend to stand out with a “bright” look as often is what you can get with reduced lengths. To help you have the most beautiful hair in the realm, we offer you some ideas stolen from national and international salons.

Yes, because the imagination of women is great but not enough on its own: to choose your next short hair, images and suggestions from experts are almost indispensable, in order to have a clear idea of which is the “color combination” most suited to the shape of your face, to the complexion, to the personality (with an eye also to the age). So here you are many photos to orient yourself better on the latest hair trends.

Short scaled hair

The scaled lengths are trend queens for the new season. Among the many to interpret the idea is Salvo Filetti, with this short cut slightly scaled to the sides, according to soft lines.

Long-hair strands and contrasting color: among the 2020 trend cuts this does not go unnoticed. Avoid it if nature has not given you a thin, toned neck.

Short scaled hair

This was seen on the streets of London, coming out of the TIGI salons: why not take it to the street of your house? Remember that smooth climbing with untidy tips is always youthful.

Very cheeky and easy to manage: what you see in the photo is a type of short cut with which you can never be mistaken, provided you work your locks with your fingers with a coiffing product suited to your hair.

If you have fine hair and regular features, the idea of Wella’s hair stylist is great for you: the hair is minimal and thinner from the root to the tips. Be careful to make yourself well explained in the salon how to dry and comb them, otherwise they will “stick” to your head.

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Short hair with bangs

Here you can see a very short scaled bob with a slightly irregular bangs: if you have fine features it will make you enchanting, and you will be able to interpret it on a more aggressive tone or more “doll” playing with make-up and with a more or less disheveled styling.

A bit bangs, a little tuft, in any case, to make the line of this cut captivating is above all the variegated but natural color, conceived by the experts of Fabio Salsa.

The full and long bangs, slightly brushed to one side, enhances the cheekbones. Try it this way, perhaps combining a color that reminds you of the mocha shade chosen by Intermede’s colorists for this cut.

This solution with short bangsand parade is of great yield: with a little skill in drying it remains without great difficulty and has a neat and modern line.

Framesi has devised a cut that is all bangs: only for authentic smooth, because here the lines are really drawn like a compass and require a young and symmetrical face.

Short hair cut scaled with tuft

There is little to say, this Salvo Filetti cut rewards you with the most beautiful shape and color! Here the tuft is “bulky” but carried nonchalantly.

Here’s how the Dessange Paris salons interpret the scaled tuft according to what is a must in the short haircut 2020: timeless class, uniform color and brightness.

A short haircut that stands out, where you see the hand of a creative who knows what he is doing. If you think you have the right personality to show it off, this smooth tuft is worth trying.

Such a hairstyle is not for everyone: either you love it, or you are not made to wear it. But this exaggerated clump in contrast with the short hair on the sides makes you look, regardless of the color.

Short curly and wavy hair

Nobody believes in the combination of short hair and smooth woman: the curls and moves have a lot of possibilities for youthful and stylish cuts, like this short blur that works very well to refurbish whoever has the classic hair “neither curly nor smooth” .

Thick and consistent strands can withstand this beautiful cut of Intermède, suitable for healthy and voluminous hair, maybe a little unruly.

Mauro Situra, Hair Stylist for GoCoppola, has created this medium-short cut scaled in front, designed for women who are moved or with a “light” hair that is difficult to keep in order.

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If you have thin wavy hair that becomes vaporous at the first sign of humidity, do not hide it, instead enhance it with an unusual short cut like this, which allows you to leave them free to express themselves.

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Short bob hair

The short and very short bob has always been synonymous with elegance and style. The French of Maniatis Paris are well aware of this, offering a truly special one with a vintage aftertaste.

Here is a short bob with short bangs that will satisfy the needs of many: it softens the features and requires little effort to look pretty.

Short hair scaled in front

This example is among the most interesting very short cuts seen for 2020: a short climbed in front and progressively marched around the face, suitable for all ages (but does not give to those with round faces or a bit of double chin).

The long locks scaled in front are the figure of this very dynamic frayed short, to be maintained then with an accurate styling for a textured effect.

Do not stop at the color: if pink is not for you, it does not mean that it is not the same for this cut that slopes down from the center to the nape, framing the face. If you do not have a natural full-bodied smooth, remember that you will need a slap before leaving.

See how many ideas for your next short cut? All you have to do is choose! Continue to follow the 2020 hair trends on our website for other inspirations.


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