Short Hair with Bangs or Tuft: The Best Looks for Inspiration!

Short Hair with Bangs

Do you like bangs or tuft on the front? Here are many beautiful ideas for female short hair with bangs and trendy tufts!

Smooth, rough, uncombed, tidy or geometric, the short cut lends itself to many looks. But if we want a cut that allows us to change style frequently we can not give up the bangs or tuft.

In fact, the long hair on the front lends itself to be styled in different ways. You can pull it back or you can cover your forehead. Opt for shaky strands or move the entire tuft to one side. It’s up to us to choose the style that we like best and with this roundup of images it will be even easier!

Bangs on Very Short Hair

When choosing a short hairstyle you have to keep in mind that the more the hair gets shorter the harder it will be to improvise a different hairstyle.

However, if we combine very short cuts with a slight bangs on the front, we can decide to play with the tuft changing its style according to our mood. Here are different and original ways to wear the bangs on very short hair.

Bob with Long Bangs

The bob is one of the most classic woman hair cuts, never gone out of fashion, from season to season is continually reproposed and reinterpreted even on the international catwalks.

It is a cut with hair that comes just below the ears. It can be thinner and shortened on the front. It can be worn disheveled, soft, with maxi bangs  and with the side tuft. It is beautiful to illuminate with sunstrokes or streaks.

Headband with Bangs

Classic, of various lengths, very short or almost on the shoulders. The helmet is the most popular short haircut ever, especially by those with straight and thin hair or the patience of styling the hair.

It can be full and voluminous or thin and asymmetrical, short at the back and long at the front. To better frame the face, the hairdressers focus on a short bangs or on the oversized tuft, a trick to make this hairstyle less classic.

Short Cut Scaled with Tuft

Not everyone likes it, but the scaled cut is ideal if you do not like spending too much time in front of the mirror to give a hair-style. The tuft on the front is the element that completes the look and makes it more animated and rock.

How to style the tuft? You can do it with ringlets using an iron or slightly moved by applying a foam. If you love the smooth just pass the plate and you will get a good fold. To emphasize this cut, the advice is to focus on a bright hair color, perhaps on a degradé to give light to the tips of the hair or a chatouche.

Hair With Side Bangs

The bangs held on one side creates a very neat and elegant look. Those with a round face are not comfortable with this cut, which is perfect for those with a regular face or an oval face.

The parade bangs is more cheeky and is a very popular choice among young girls. The bangs climbed in an orderly manner is instead the preferred choice of forty or fifty year-olds.

Short Hair With Backward Wisp

Do not you love having your hair covering your forehead or brushing your eyes? Here is the solution. Scissors only on the nape in perfect balance with a maxi tuft backwards. Brush and hairdryer are essential to create the right fold. To fix the look you need a lacquer or a gel that keeps the hair up.

Warm shades, from copper to honey blond, for a short cut that can be elegant but with masculine traits.

Short Haircuts with Side Tuft

If you like the idea of a short cut but do not want to give up the volume then you should definitely take a look at these short haircuts with a side tuft.

Scaled, fashioned, uncombed, the hair can take various shapes and then adapt to every look! If you want to give a temporary touch of color, opt for a coloring shampoo and you’re done.

Short Hair with Wicked Tuft

The disheveled cut is ideal for those who do not want to spend too much time in front of the mirror to curl or straighten their hair.

In these photos you can see many quick and easy cuts that adapt to any shape of the face because they tend to frame the face. They are good for both those who have straight and wavy hair, indeed, a natural blur in these cases is ideal. If you want to impress with color, try the peach blonde!

Do you prefer short hair with bangs or tuft? Let us know if you like this bunch of images with look ideas!

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