Short hair summer 2019, the trend cuts in 50 photos

Short hair summer 2019

Summer. Nothing like a different haircut and a whole new color can revolutionize the look or rejuvenate a face: if you want to change, in these photos chosen for you you can see the new trends short haircuts summer 2019.

From short to rough cut, to short shorts, up to short and medium-short bob, in these images you will discover how a short hairstyle (as well as practical) can become as glamorous as the long hair. There is a style for everyone!

Femininity is not measured in length. Even in the past, beautiful women have succumbed to the charm of the short cut: we talk about great actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Romy Schneider, without forgetting our Gina Lollobrigida and the unforgettable Virna Lisi, just to mention a few names.

Today we will somehow return to that past with accents of novelty, and we’ll show you how. Since to choose the most suitable cut to your face you still have to go to the hairdresser, here are the ideas of the best salons on how to cut and color your hair for summer 2019.

Short hair summer 2019: the new trends

The very short cuts back in fashion for the cold season remain a trend even for the summer of 2019, but the real novelty for the summer is the short hairstyle with volume at the root that makes the hairstyle vaguely retro and charming style. Here, as you can see, a mélange blond was chosen, which compensates for warm tones with blond ash shades; the tuft is left longer than the rest and combed “high” with an accurate styling but easy to reproduce at home.

Cuts with blonde hair combed backwards have also been seen in the Parisian catwalks: see for example this idea created for La Roche, in which the locks of a uniform honey are fixed and polished with gel and taken up and then back, with a very special effect.

Softer and feminine this short and smooth hairstyle with hair worn behind the ears. Created by Eugene Souleiman for Jil Sander, it uses the darker nuances on the sides to illuminate the tuft. This very comfortable cut could be combed in many other ways, bringing the strands to the side or forward.

Short straight hair with a bangs on the side remains an evergreen for those with thin hair and need a little volume. Here the blond nuanced artfully in darker and lighter tones gives much to the shape of the cut.

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The hairstyle you see here with a blond color gives it a special charm: this cut has an important side bangs; the cold tint highlights the clear eyes and is particularly indicated for those who have a diaphanous and pinkish complexion, to underline with the right make-up.

The bangs full disheveled and the hot blonde enlivened by light strokes are one of the new trends for short hair summer 2019. This is a short bob that creates volume from the cheekbone up: not recommended for those with a round face or a few wrinkles more on the neck.

Among the new cuts does not spring the trend of the timeless pixie cut, but not even that of silver hair. Here you see them combined together, in this shaved cut behind and on the sides and made special by the lilac accents on the particular silver shade. With the right personality, this type of cut does not really age.

Among the new short cuts for the summer of 2019, the very short ones like this are gaining ground: a warm and simple light brown, natural or made in the salon, here is managed by keeping the hair on the sides short and leaving a little longer in the middle of the head. The cheeky styling is achieved with a little ‘modeling paste or a strong hold foam.

The same hairstyle can be managed in a more simple and classic way, bringing the bangs forward and to the side. Just a touch of hair dryer and an easy finishing touch with a light fixing product.

A very short and a little masculine cut immediately changes tone if combined with a slightly extravagant color. Here you see colored locks in different shades of blue: you can make it with temporary colors if you do not want to bleach your hair and make a real color.

Give this new boyish cut with a very short bangs to a young face. Particularly suitable for those who have fine hair that does not make good length, remains always in order and enhances even a bit ‘androgynous features without the need for great care.

Here is an idea from which to draw inspiration if you have regular features and a strong personality. Short straight and regular bangs, a little movement obtained by wearing the strands with wax, but above all spectacular colored hair thanks to shades of peach and candy pink tones.

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Instead, to manage a very short cut, nothing is easier than using a wet-effect gel, combing the hair with a hint of a line and “rubbing” the tips above the forehead.

Short hair summer 2019: medium-short cut

Straight hair, natural wavy or with more elaborate hairstyles dominate the medium-short cuts of the warm season, while among the colors you can find everything: from brown to blond copper to new types of blond, to hair with colored shades. There is only one to choose from.

The trend of the bob in vogue from last year is destined to continue and we find it again among the new hair trends spring summer 2019. Here you see a bowl bob, with a very particular curved effect at the ear, certainly to be copied! The light is distributed thanks to the thin balayage that mixes various shades with a warm base.

They are more “free” these blonde hair climbed with side bangs: the disheveled effect is achieved by crossing the tufts of the tuft in two directions and fixing them with hair dryer and lacquer. The lighter shades of color on the tips compared to the root add movement and charm.

The same type of medium-short cut allows wavy hairstyles: you can manage them by handing out specific products for rough styling and helping yourself with the diffuser, if you are not expert in the use of the professional brush. As you can see the intentionally darker roots leap to the eye.

If you are looking for a hairstyle with a side line try this new hairstyle for summer 2019: it is a medium bob with the side line, and here it is enhanced by lighter color reflections around the face, to make the copper basis.

Bringing natural wavy hair for those who have a medium-short cut and does not have time to go to the hairdresser can become a trend, or at least that’s how some fashion hairstylists see it. Just define the hedgehog with a little ‘cream or foam and let it dry even without a hair dryer. Of course, the trick here does its part: the lacquer red focuses all the attention on the mouth and makes anything else superfluous.

This instead is a medium cut made on a natural dark brown base intentionally unkempt. This effect can be a little awkward to wear every day, but it certainly makes the scene especially if you have full-bodied and shiny hair. Bring them all to one side and dry first with the diffuser, upside down, then give the final blow with the hot jet. A medium-tight fixative is indispensable.

And if you get tired… you can show off the same cut by stretching the hair with the plate, always keeping the line high.

For a ceremony, for important occasions or a special evening there is no shortage of elaborate short haircuts made with curlers and iron. Here is a nice idea to copy: these curly hair defined in the salon are perfect for a new retro style, on a uniform and well-groomed ice color.

These are the trends short haircuts 2019 summer outputs so far: we will add over time all the other news that, as you know, come from the most important hairstylist in the world.


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