Short hair summer 2019: images of the most beautiful cuts

Short hair summer 2019

Want to change look? Summer is the perfect season to give us a cut! Here are the coolest and most feminine short hair of the season!

With the arrival of heat we feel the need to thin out our hair. The short cut this year is the most popular of the summer. Practical and simple to manage, it allows us to face the hot days and the scorching heat of these months.

Ready to get you inspired by the short cuts women most in fashion in the salons? Then let’s discover together with a roundup of images the new short hair looks 2019 summer!

Short blonde hair

Short Haircut and Pixie Cut

The pixie cut, the short bob par excellence, is a hair trend that never goes out of fashion! Particularly appreciated by style icons such as Audrey Hepburn, the very short cut emphasizes the features and gives personality to every face. Spoiled or pulled back for a rock style, ordered with a tuft to the side for a bon ton look, the short cuts are super practical for the summer.

Pixie cut short hair

Haircuts with Tuft

Molded, combed to the side or dropped on the eyes. The tuft on the short cut allows you to have a different look, chic and refined every day. The long, short or parade bangs is a must among the new short cuts 2019 summer, to be highlighted with shades ranging from blond to brown through the copper.

Short hair woman with tuft

Short Hair with Side Line

The side line, elegant and clean, enhances the long and angular faces that need to soften and soften their features and thus create a harmonious effect. The side parting creates a sophisticated and natural style, but always fashionable and current. The must among the short haircuts summer 2019 is to make the hair fall naturally on the side without flattening the volumes.

Short cut with row on the side

Short cuts with bangs

Short, parade, full. The bangs is combined with short, scaled, smooth or wavy haircuts. It can be worn sideways like a tuft or straight, covering eyebrows and eyes. For a not very high front better to opt for a short bangs, perfect also for rock style lovers. If instead you have regular features, in addition to softening it emphasizes and enlarges the eyes.

Short hair with straight bangs

Bob Short and Bob

Among the short haircuts 2019 summer stands out the short bob. Cool, chic and hyperfeminine is the most practical short hair cut, as versatile and suitable for all types of hair. Sbarazzino, sophisticated or retro is perfect for women of all ages.

Bob lady’s hair with fold move

Scaled and Discarded Short Cut

Short cuts are perfect for all women who do not like to waste time with brush and hair dryer. Wavy and unkempt, they adapt to any type of hair. Those with fine hair can play with scaling to get more dynamism. To make the most of this cut you can focus on a bright color with a degrade effect.

Short hair scaled up for summer

Short curly and wavy cuts

To change the look of curly hair and lighten the structure, it is better to give up the pixie cut and choose the scaled bob cut. The bangs will give a modern and glamorous look. The sea urchins will be enhanced, but will not require great care. To avoid having dry hair, do not forget to use the right shampoo for curly hair!

curly short haircut

What do you think about the short haircuts 2019 summer? Do you prefer tidy looks or a more disheveled style? Let us know what your favorite woman short cuts are in the comments!

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