Short hair man 2020: here are 100 trendy cuts

Short hair man 2020

Messy, wet effect, military style shaved, with natural shades or with crests and designs, here are the most beautiful 2020 men’s short cuts to be inspired by!

Ordered but natural, messy and sporty, shaved in a punk style or with original designs, the international hairstylists and the most famous hairdressers offer us 2020 men’s short haircuts with great visual impact, trendy looks with modern and cosmopolitan accents. Let’s discover together the images of the most beautiful haircuts to try this year and the trends to keep an eye on!

Short Haircuts for Men 2020

Natural and disciplined shorts, military style shaved, with long forelock, the 2020 men’s short cuts are becoming more and more creative, to be chosen based on the type of hair and the features we want to enhance. Bullfrog offers us very gritty men’s short-cut ideas, such as the French Crop with defined and neat bangs and very high-skin nuances, but there is no shortage of hairstylists like Fabio Salsa ready to revive the looks with a fake disheveled tuft. Looking for more elegant haircut ideas? There are the long cuts on the top combed backwards by Jean Louis David, also perfect for the mature man. But let’s take a look together with the photos of the most beautiful cuts and tips on which to choose.

Short Man Gradient Hair

Short faded hair, with long forelock looks and the most cheeky brush cuts, those sported by renowned footballers and former footballers like David Beckham, to be clear! We are talking about scaled hair that is often very short on the sides and long on the top, ideal for fine hair, a look that we can easily combine with shaves and a clear side line, to show off, however, with an equally neat beard grooming.

Short Hair Man Shaved On The Sides

For those with a penchant for punk rock touches there are the 2020 men’s short cuts with skin shaving. They range from the more youthful ones with accentuated shaving and long hair above Tristan Eves, perfect for enhancing curly hair and wavy hair, to the haircuts with different levels of lateral scaling of Jim Shaw and Daisy Carter ideal for minimizing the lines perhaps too marked of cheekbones and jaw. Even the looks with hair shaved on the sides and worn over the top with a crest are more popular, more suitable for a boy, in addition to those with lively side designs.

Short Man Hair with Line

The Executive Contour is called the elegant and neat cut with a thick and marked line and a very high shade proposed by Bullfrog, a tribute to the return of the line by which is one of the coolest trends of the season, also suitable for those with a high forehead. The side part is combined with a long, well-combed forelock and more voluminous haircuts. It is a type of short cut for men ideal for those with thick and thick hair, which in this way can be kept more easily in order.

Short Hair Curly Man

What are the hottest curly short haircuts for men of the moment? Franck Provost offers short cheeky looks on the nape and longer on the top with front bangs, suitable for men with receding hairline or with high hairline, especially if they have little hair. But among the most interesting hairlooks we also find those with soft curls combined with a lower shave or a more evident shade, also proposed for afro hair. There is no shortage of cuts with more elegant lines, while those with designs on the sides are ideal for those with a more extroverted character. Have you loved these looks? Discover all the most beautiful curly haircuts for men in our in-depth analysis!

Short Hair Man Wavy

In view of spring, L’Oreal is reviving men’s haircuts for wavy hair with a messy or disheveled “bad boy” effect, with side stripes and long tufts. At Tristan Eves the combed forelock becomes almost a bang, the most suitable look for those who love to have a youthful and trendy look. Natural and very neat the wavy haircuts for men shorter, particularly suitable for those over 50, over 60 and beyond.

Short Hair Man with Designs

Looking for ideas for original short cuts? Hairlooks with designs are one of the coolest trends of the season. It ranges from punk-inspired 80s looks with high combed forelock and geometric shapes defined on the sides of the head to those that also combine streaks, oxygenated hair or a pastel hair tint! Pop designs like stars, geometric or symbolic shapes, sharp or asymmetrical lines, choosing the most original cut is really difficult!

Straight Hair for Men

High crests combed back, looks with long forelock and very long hair on top, the hairlooks for short straight hair are getting livelier and more eccentric this year. Renowned hairdressers continue to have a weakness for naturalness and freedom, especially in the choice of lively volumes that represent the personality of those who choose them. For those who want a more classic look, go ahead with more regular short straight hair cuts or with side lines to which to add a wet look with a wax or gel, to be worn with a short and well-groomed beard.

Short Hair Man Forward

Ideal for balding men but also for those who want to minimize marked somatic features such as a large nose or wavy ears, the short haircut forward has a forelock combed forward or alternatively a bang that falls on the forehead, as in the proposal from Saint Algue. For those who love more precise lines there is the short cut for men with short hair on the back and skin shading, a type of hairstyle with forward hair ideal to combine with eyebrows in order to give the face a more refined look. Take a look at the coolest men’s hairstyles in our mega gallery!

Short Man Hair Backwards

If you have a penchant for natural messy looks, it is the long hair cuts for men 2020 with a back forelock that are right for you, from the more brisk ones of Jean Louis David to be kept voluminous using the hairdryer with care and to keep in laying with a fixing product to the sharpest shaved ridge-like cuts. The haircuts proposed by Fabio Salsa are more classic and refined, while the actual wet look wet looks are combined with a medium-long beard that incorporates the same degree of scaling. Who is this type of cut good for? To elongated faces also with receding hairline or high attachment, to over 30 and over 40, but also to older men.

Shaved or Very Short Men’s Hair

Lovers of short zero hair and in general of very short hair? Do you have little time available to put your hair in order? The very short and shaved cuts remain the most popular solution. If you are thinking of cutting your hair and shaving cleanly or up to half a centimeter with a hair clipper, know that the trends of the moment reward the side cut cuts shaded on the sides and those with a comfortable shade that allows you to comb the hair on the head , particularly suitable for those who wear glasses. More gritty looks with leather shaving, on the head or on the side.

Short Hair Mature Man

Among the most popular solutions for a mature man with gray or white hair there are short cuts with a more elegant shave, to be requested from the barber or hairdresser of confidence with delicate and natural shades. For people in their fifties and sixties, the short back combed cut is particularly suitable for having a professional look, especially if you have grizzled hair, while the more lively long forelock cuts are perfect for proudly highlighting the salt and pepper effect , which many women continue to appreciate!

Short Hair for Boys

The trends for summer for short boy hair are more extravagant and over the top, both for blonde hair and brown hair. It ranges from very long disheveled haircuts above and shaved on the nape to those with colored forelock to keep in order with a styling product and designs on the sides of the head. For those who do not like to dare, there are long haircuts on the top to be combed with a simple side line and less nuanced ones that are more natural.

Short Hair Man with Long Tuft

But as is evident from what we have seen so far, it is the tuft along the great protagonist of the trends of the year, both for the looks for the adult man and for the youngest. Extremely long and worn sideways for Christophe Gaillet, combed with a very lateral line or left to fall softly on the forehead, the tuft helps to minimize the marked lines of the face and to give a more jaunty appearance. Combined with shaved cuts, it becomes bolder and becomes the heart of the 80s-style look, ideal for those who do not want to go unnoticed!

Short Hair Man with Beard

But in addition to hair, in the male look the beard has a very important role in recent years, the grooming of which must reflect the style chosen for the haircut, whether we are talking about long beard or short beard. To have a more orderly appearance, it is good to focus on short cuts connected to a beard cared for by shaded sideburns that take up their length. Lovers of the hipster cut? We can treat ourselves to a long beard with long cuts above and shaved at the base, with detached sideburns, but we can also reward more eccentric looks in which the designs made along the nape return to the edges of the beard. They are ideal for those with a round visa, in a game of echoes and contrasts with a very characteristic visual effect. Here are several look images to copy and report to your trusted barber.

What do you think of our collection of short cuts for men? What is the look you like best? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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