Short hair for women over 50: here are the recommended cuts

Short hair for women over 50: here are the recommended cuts

Mature women are always looking for a cut that rejuvenates them. Let’s find out which short haircuts are suitable for women over 50.

The short hair cut is a very popular cut for many young and mature women. Short hair is very practical and most of the time jaunty, but it is not suitable for all women. The hairstylist will be able to advise you on the best cut suitable for the face and age.

But for more mature women over 50, which short cut is more suitable? There is a little change when you reach this age. There are women who make a drastic change, to make a positive change in life. Instead, another slice of women who cut their hair short just to follow fashion.

Of course it is difficult to choose the right cut when you are between 50 and 60 years old, because it is that age group that the most recommended cut by hair-stylists is the short one. Not only the classic cuts are those recommended.

We give you some advice on the most suitable haircut if you are over 50.

Short haircut for women over 50: here are the recommended ones

The short cut is definitely a very practical, fast cut that speeds up the face and makes you lose a few years. But not suitable for all often depends on the shape of the face, so the opinion of your hairstylist is important.

Some women think that the short cut is synonymous with classic grandmother cuts, but that’s not true at all, today short cuts are very youthful. Gone are the years of voluminous hair on top and shorter on the neck, even backcombed. Hairdressers usually recommend very short cuts with slightly more particular colors, perhaps with natural streaks, with blue and pink reflections, which are so fashionable this year. Of course, hair color depends a lot on the color of the complexion, not all are suitable for platinum or even mahogany.

Here are some short cuts recommended for women over 50.

1- Curly hair: the cut is really recommended, very trendy, but not suitable for everyone, especially those who don’t like to dare. In particular, the disheveled hedgehog would be perfect at this age. In fact, maybe the hairdresser could advise you to do some reflexes to give movement and light to the face.

Women who have a face with very marked features could try a short but not so much scaled cut. Also the short asymmetrical cut, a cut recommended for women who have curly and wavy hair. Curly scaled hair is very beautiful and practical.

2-Straight hair: usually the pixie cut is recommended for women over 50. An especially trendy cut, much sought after in recent years, so as to avoid falling back into the usual cut. The pix cu cut is very elegant and particular at the same time. Many actresses also prefer it, perhaps leaving their hair natural, without dye.

Short asymmetrical straight hair is perfect for speeding up and not just showing off the ears. In fact, if you are a woman who loves wearing mono earrings this is the right cut.

It is a cut that rejuvenates considerably, gives a carefree and nice look, and lasts over time. When they grow up a bit, you just need to have their hair cut by the hairdresser. In fact, short asymmetrical hair needs greater care and the cut must be redone often, others do not see the effect.

The elongated pixie bob is the most requested cut of the short ones in this age group. It is usually recommended for women who have a regular face. It is very particular as it is short at the nape while it is longer on the sides. Very special with platinum and gray shades.

3- Wavy hair: the bob cut is a classic but always trendy cut. Women can opt for this cut, with the row in the center or to the side. Very suitable in case of wavy hair, in fact the waves create a little movement. In this way they speed up and make the look more youthful. You can follow our tips on how to dry wavy hair.

The bob is the perfect cut if you don’t like short or long hair, a fair compromise. A helmet is what it takes, a cut that frames the face, for women over 50 years, the suitable cut is short up to the ears, it lends itself to any type of styling.

The advice is to always ask your hairdresser’s opinion before deciding to go for a clean cut.


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