Short Curly Hairstyles for a Wedding

Short Curly Hairstyles for a Wedding
Short Curly Hairstyles for a Wedding

The period of courtship is completed, the proposal is made, and preparation for the exciting event the wedding begins. The wedding day is especially important for the bride. All the forces young people are sending to create an unforgettable celebration, which will leave in memory only positive emotions. On the pages we have repeatedly told you about all sorts of short curly hairstyles for a wedding. Today we will continue this subject and present to you a new collection of beautiful photographs.

Combination of short curly hairstyles for a wedding

And the wedding begins with the choice of attire, jewelry and hairstyle for the bride. It takes a lot of time for an experienced stylist to create it, and attention to creating a wedding hairstyle is special. To the bride’s hair, several requirements are made; it must be combined with the features of the girl’s appearance and harmonize along with the bride, as shown in numerous photographs from our gallery. For example, the bride chose an outfit in the style of Empire. He emphasizes its refinement and sensuality, and, therefore, the hair style is needed in the same style; curls, braids, flowers and ribbons in the hair or a smooth high tail. If the outfit is magnificent , but the hairdo should not be bulky. Then the image of a gentle princess is created.

Very appropriate braids of various weave, taken up and decorated with ribbons, diadem and flowers. The dress is short perfectly combined with classic hairstyles; bunches, different spikelets, shells decorated with pearls and original styling without napes with a neat hat. This choice makes brides purposeful and bold. If you choose the dress of the style “fish”, then you can choose your hair from a variety of options: naches, babettes, ringlets, half-assorted at the top and flowing down.

Short Curly Hairstyles for a Wedding



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