Top 15 Short blonde haircuts 2021

Short blonde haircuts 2021. Ideas and trends in 15 photos

Short blonde haircuts from spring summer 2021 to autumn winter. 2021-22 Here are photo ideas and trends for all types of short, straight, wavy and curly hair.

Here are the new short blonde haircuts for 2021. The trends for this year range from the pixie cut to new layered haircuts, to cuts with bangs and tuft to medium-short ones. So if you have blonde hair or are thinking of dyeing your hair with the new shades and shades of blonde, here you have to choose from many images of trendy short cuts.

Short blonde haircuts scaled with bangs

The short cut with the side bangs is the most feminine and has the advantage of enhancing different face shapes as well as hiding some wrinkles. The bangs can be parade or full, important with a tuft like this cut in the photo where the blond on blond lightening completes the look.

Always scaled but shorter this type of cut created by Pierre Ginsburg for Revlon, highlights the platinum tint with dark blond roots and the same color of the eyebrows.

Pixie cuts 2021

Feminine but equally bold, pixie cuts appeal to women of all ages. They are easy to manage at home, they highlight the eyes, and you can change the styling according to the type of cut. For 2021, the trend points to shagghy and medium-short scaled.

ideal for very fine hair is the very short pixie cut at the back and with a scaled front bangs.

The advantage of the new 2021 short cuts is that you can change your hairstyle according to the occasion. For example, bring the bangs backwards or to the side, leaving the forehead uncovered.

In terms of short hair, the pixie cuts in all their forms, thanks to their versatility, remain the most popular cuts. There are several solutions to be inspired by, for example this one in the photo is a new type of asymmetrical cut short behind with volume at the root enhanced by balayage with cold shades.

Short wavy haircuts

To dominate the trends of short female haircuts there are also short hair with wavy hairstyles, cuts with soft scaling and bangs always worn to the side. Here is a nice cut created for Spring Summer 2021.

Also for the summer season, a coppery blonde tint and a wavy styling with deconstructed bangs, change the style of the hair cut and make it more jaunty. that’s how

Short haircuts scaled and pulled out

Here the SESH hair stylists play on the contrast of the shades of blondes to give light to the face, while the medium-short type of cut is inspired by the seventies.

Short bob haircut

Sensual feminine ideal, for those who do not have thick hair, the hair à la garçonne returns in the version with bangs and colored locks that give character to the platinum blonde shades. Here is a beautiful example of a very short cut with an ideal bangs for all seasons.

Medium short wavy cuts

In addition to very short cuts, the 2021 hair fashion trend brings back medium-short straight or wavy cuts. We have already seen the return of the French bob, but there are also types of cuts that are easily managed at home. A good example of this is this cut full of volume with hair with a natural stiling and two contrasting shades of blond and created by the well-known Munich hair style Eric Zemmour.

The 2021 hair trends also offer many asymmetrical medium cuts with side parting to be worn wavy or straight, and to be managed with a straightener or brush and phono for a tidier hair loock as Intermède Coiffure suggests.

Youth short haircuts

Depending on the type of cut, the short can rejuvenate a face. The rule applies to women of all ages. Proof of this is this smooth scaled hairstyle made on platinum hair with ash blonde shades and lilac color accents on the locks.

These are the new short cuts, but if you want to anticipate next year’s trends take a look at the best hair trends and haircuts on our website. In the meantime, look at the new hair colors 2021 as well as all the trendy cuts.


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