Short bangs: the protagonist of the hairstyle 2019

Short bangs

Short bangs: yes or no? Extreme and trendy highlights the merits as well as the defects. Let’s see who is well and for which haircuts is more suitable

As it is known for some time fashions return almost always and with great style. For this spring-summer 2019 it’s up to the short bangs to be the undisputed star of the hairstyle. Spearheaded on the catwalks of the most famous brands, from the most popular actresses on the red carpet and from the most beloved protagonists of the television screen, the short bangs is a real must of the future season.

In combination with the cuts of each length is definitely a bold choice, perfect for those who are not afraid to dare and for those who want to refresh the look by highlighting the face. If you too have decided to opt for a trendy hairstyle for this 2019, find out if this type of bangs can be suitable for you.

Short bangs: who is it good for?

The short bangs, ie cut in the middle of the forehead, if carried in the right way, is certainly able to emphasize and enhance the face. However, being a very extreme stylistic choice, the short bangs is not good for everyone.

In fact, this type of bangs is particularly suitable for those with a small, oval face and a low forehead, but it is also said that it is also bad for square or round faces. The best choice would be to seek advice from your trusted hairdresser who will be able to give you a professional opinion. Before making the decision to cut the short bangs, it is good to remember that this type of bangs stands out both the good qualities and the defects.

Also, for curly haircuts, the short bangs will require much more maintenance and will be more difficult to handle. Even with straight hair, the short bangs needs more attention than other types of bangs.

You will also need to go to the hairdresser more often to keep the cut in perfect order. Obviously the timing is dictated by the speed of growth of each, but on average should be checked every 3/4 weeks.

Short Bangs: Which cut is fine?

There are many cuts proposed by the major designers on the catwalks that can perfectly match the so-called baby bang, the short bangs to show off in this spring-summer season 2019.

Not only is it perfect on an extremely short haircut like the pixie cut, but it can also be combined with a longer crown. Of course the cut that fits perfectly with this bangs is the classic long bob.

The possibilities are really so many, just choose the look that’s right for you!

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