Short and Medium Haircuts 2023: Ideas for a New Look


For this 2023 the short and medium haircuts in vogue will all be super voluminous, with a natural effect and easy to maintain.
What a relief!
Get ready to be amazed and amazed with gritty, trendy and super feminine looks.

Let’s start with the short cuts:

Short haircuts 2023

Those who love short hair will love this year madly. It will be the golden age of the so-called “cropped haircuts” of super lively cuts that arise from the classic shorts, but are made with the addition of extra shears and intricate scaling to give life to original mini bobs, pixie cuts and lively haircuts bowl.

This year’s fabulous pixie cuts

Pixie cuts are ready for a big comeback and will live their golden age again.

Audrey Hepburn, a pioneer among the Hollywood divas who first sported such a short cut on the big screen, is the main inspiration.
That famous cut, so jaunty and feminine at the same time, is re-proposed in many versions to best adapt to the various face shapes and personalities.

Among the pixie references for 2023, Emma Watson is definitely worth mentioning: the super short cut sported on the occasion of the launch of Paradox, the new fragrance by Prada, is stunning.

Flapper cut, the micro bob

This very short bob will be among the most requested for those who want a super feminine and easy to keep short cut. The cut has minimal shapes that rely on the lightness of the short hair to keep a constant volume from the roots to the tips that follow the line of the jaw.

Strictly to be worn with the line in the center and straight hair, this cut frames the face leaving it uncovered. Also perfect for all formal occasions without needing too much grooming.

The oomph of the Micro Bob above the ear

The Micro Bob is a cut that reaches to the ear in length and features an aggressive shave on the sides and at the nape of the neck. However, this bowl cut can be declined in infinite ways by playing with the fringe. By choosing to keep it closed or creating a small tuft, the result is different every time.

This cut can be enhanced even more thanks to unique bright colors, or by playing with contrasts, perhaps leaving a darker color on the shave and dyeing the upper part with a bright and shiny color instead.

Medium haircuts for 2023

This year’s medium cuts look good on everyone. They frame the face without weighing it down by increasing the volumes especially in the upper part of the hairstyle, for this reason they will be preferred especially by those with a round face and want to obtain a harmonious effect.

Our go-to star will be Jenna Ortega. After playing Wednesday Addams, Jenna has given a cut to the long tresses and now she inspires us with a medium layered bob with soft bangs and wavy hair.
The movement of this cut is enhanced even more by the color of the hair between brown and copper. She really is a great choice.

Di base tutti i tagli medi per il 2023 prevedono una bella scalatura per un effetto di leggerezza. Questi tagli sono perfetti da portare con capelli lisci, mossi e anche molto ricci. Ricordate solo di esaltare il volume anche quando date la piega e di optare per frange leggere, anche molto lunghe se preferite, in modo da poter giocare col vostro look ed essere ogni giorno diverse.

And what cut did you choose?


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