Short and medium hair: 7 new cuts and colors with bangs


New trends for short haircuts and medium hair with bangs: short, asymmetrical, long or short. Images and ideas to choose a fashion cut suitable for your face

The new short or medium-short haircuts see the return of short bangs and scaling and bangs on the side. These are the ideas of some of the best salons, even for long hair and curly hair.

The bangs, however, is easier to handle in the autumn season, while the side one can be easily kept in order even in summer both at sea and in the city. However haircut with full bangs, long or shorter asymmetrical parade is ideal for long and oval faces, while side one (better scaled) adapts to all face shapes and all ages, in addition to having the power of transform the look.

That said, all that remains is to look at these images to understand which bangs cut is best suited to us by choosing from hair ideas and trends 2019 2020 proposed by the hair list.

Short hair with bangs new cuts

Here we have an example of how a short cut on a natural base of dark brown is enhanced through balayage in coppery brown. Managing cuts like this with long bangs shows is apparently easy. But going to the hairdresser every now and then to check them off and pick up shades or streaks is a must.

The Bowl cut 2019, or the short bob with full bangs, is revisited for the winter season as well, with hair worked with a brush and hair dryer to make them smooth and give volume Here we see a thick and healthy hair whose graphic cut shorter behind, it is enhanced by the color of an intense red copper.

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Scaled hair and long bangs

Climbing is the hair cut of the year. Short or medium is a type of hairstyle that never goes out of fashion, and can still be made on those who have thin and electric hair. However, there are various types of cuts and styling for a short or medium bangs hairstyle, the latest trend is the soft scaling of Anh Co Tran, hairstylist of the stars. His cuts and hairstyles have the advantage of giving volume and movement to the hair.

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The short and very short bangs

The very short and apparently bangs look good on very young girls without a wrinkle on their foreheads. On the other hand, some short hairstyles with bangs like ciocch government like in this photo enhance a young face, but also a more mature one. This cut you see, according to the salons of Tony & Guy, is a type of hairstyle that is fashionable all year round.

Blond hair with bangs

If red is the trend color of the year, the timeless charm of blond hair never goes out of fashion. These are two shades of blond hair, warm nuances on the root and cooler shades on the tips give the hair style character and volume. The bangs instead has a double cut, longer locks carried to the side alternate with shorter ones.

Side tuft bangs

Whether long or short, the lateral one is the easiest to wear on short and medium-sized hair, its advantage over maintenance is to rejuvenate a face regardless of the cut, length and type of hair. For women who love elegant cuts, a hairstyle like this one proposed by the Elgon art team that highlights the two-color shade, is a new 2019 hair trend to follow.

If, on the other hand, you love unkempt curly hair and want to simplify your life by choosing the best medium cut with bangs of the year, then the hair trends to follow are others, and here in this image of the Go Coppola salons you have the demonstration.

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We showed you the new hair trends with bangs, now you just have to follow the new hair trends our website. We promise you that you will always be up to date on medium and long short cuts.


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