Short and layered hair: all possible cuts

Short and layered hair all possible cuts

Do you want to try something new? Why not change your look and choose a short, layered cut? Find out here who looks good, the different cuts and how to treat them

New year, time to change your look. Maybe give a nice radical change, why not? Going from long hair to short hair, preferably a little scaled, can seem a traumatic and insurmountable undertaking. Yet, with a little courage and a good hair stylist, you will find that changing your haircut is a wonderful journey that will fill you with joy and new self-esteem.

Before booking the appointment, however, let’s take stock. Who are short scaled hair good for, the new trend for 2021?

Scaled hair: who is it good for?

Layered hair is perfect for all women who need to give volume and lightness to their hair. They are a must for young girls, but they are so comfortable and carefree – as well as easy to style – that more and more women are choosing this option or having their hairdresser recommend it. As with any form of art, there is scaling and scaling. The most decisive have a precise rule, and are very well suited to all women who have a round or square face, as they soften their features. Even the smallest faces benefit from the scaling, thanks to the fact that they create a form of sinuous movement capable of giving thickness to even the finest hair. In curly hair, the scaling helps to remove some volume instead. An advantage that always comes in handy!

Short hair layers

If you are planning to switch to a short haircut, perhaps like the pixie cut, you can opt for an asymmetrical or more geometric scaling based on the shape of the face. Straight hair loves to play with layers because they are perfect for giving it volume and structure – even when they are very short. The short choppy requires a more rounded groove, which adapts to various face shapes.

The regular face, on the other hand, can be transformed with more geometric and shocking structures, cutting-edge cuts that can really dare and leave a wow effect.

The short layered cut is comfortable, comfortable and has a vintage flavor that you just can’t resist. In addition to being a little sensual in its own right, it helps to give us the confidence and self-esteem we need during the long autumn-winter 2020-2021 weekends, taking full hands from the past and then reworking. We dare with “once upon a time” cuts revisited by innovative and modern colors, and finally the short hair makes us say hello to the last-minute braid or the emergency ponytail. Here are some trendy ideas:

  • Short cut scaled to the garçon. To understand, a tomboy cut that leaves no shadow of a doubt. Energetic, full of panache, easy to wear (even a little disheveled) and very easy to interpret on any face shape.
  • The short layered cut with bangs is a great classic that is about to come back in fashion. They also call it the mullet 3.0, but don’t be fooled: it is very trendy and goes well with that collection of maxi-earrings you have kept in your drawer.
  • Short layered cut or shaded yoke? The scaled bob is ideal for those who “do not like angularity”, and prefer to give emphasis, instead, to lightening games.


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