Shiny and voluminous hair | avoids the most common mistakes

Shiny and voluminous hair, avoids the most common mistakes

There are many women who want to show off shiny and voluminous hair, but they do not always succeed because they make mistakes. Let’s find out which ones.

Hair must be cared for and treated periodically so as to always have a shiny and voluminous hair.

Frequent washing, dyes, drying techniques and products used to define styling are known to only damage and weaken the hair.

Good results can be obtained, only if we take care of the hair every day, following six simple tips, but at the same time, common mistakes must be avoided. Many women focus attention on all the advice to follow, but do not realize that most of the time they make mistakes.

We give you some advice about it, so your hair will be voluminous and shiny.

Voluminous, healthy and shiny hair: how you can

Show off shiny, healthy and voluminous hair is not difficult, just pay attention, because most of the time the products on the market guarantee excellent results, but they can weigh down the hair, causing loss of shine.

This mainly depends on the silicones present inside them, which unfortunately in the long run, create a patina on the entire crown, but this problem can be solved by using natural products. The hair must certainly be washed well and then it will have to be dried upside down, in order to give volume.

The hair must have little water on the head before drying, in fact it is recommended to wrap it in a towel, in order to eliminate excess water.

The temperature of the water is also fundamental, because if it is too hot, the hair tends to be damaged, in fact, the hairstylists recommend washing the hair with warm water. The final rinse must be done with cold water, so as to close the cuticles, and the hair will be brighter.

In addition, to cure the hair in depth, it is recommended to make a restructuring mask at least once a week or even a compress before shampooing. You will immediately notice bright, voluminous and shiny hair, always use natural products.

If you decide to perform the mask, this must be applied over the entire crown, starting from the root, up to the tips, you will have to leave on for at least 10 minutes. The time and type of mask depends mainly on what you choose to do, because it depends on the type of hair:

  • dry
  • exhausted
  • fat
  • with dandruff
  • turned off
  • not very bulky

As an alternative to the mask you can use the compresses, also specific for the hair, here are some.

  • Dried: put in a bowl the white yogurt and the linseed oil, then mix all the ingredients and apply on the hair and leave for 15-20 minutes, then rinse. Hair will be silky and shiny.
  • Fat: unfortunately they are more likely to get dirty, how about a compress with rocket and lemon? It is simple, heat plenty of water and boil the rocket leaves, then filter everything and add the juice of half a lemon. Mix well and when it is all cold, apply to the hair and leave for 15-20 minutes.

In both packs, it is recommended to wrap the hair in plastic wrap or in a shower cap, then leave it on.

Most common mistakes that damage hair

Here are some common mistakes that can damage your hair.

1 – Wrong to apply the conditioner

After shampooing as usual, it is important to rinse your hair well, there should be no shampoo residue. Then we continue to apply the conditioner, never on the ends, because they can flatten the hair or make it heavy. In addition, after application, the hair must be thoroughly rinsed, until the water is transparent.

2- Dry often with the plate

It is not healthy for the hair to always dry it with the straightener, because the hair can be damaged and the probability that split ends can form. It is now common practice to use straightening plate, brushes or curling irons to have a perfect styling, but it is not true at all. You can have the hair you want by using alternative techniques.

It must be taken into account that the hair is already stressed by atmospheric agents, hormonal changes, sun rays, salt, chlorine in summer or those who frequent water sports. So if you can avoid stressing them further it would be perfect.

Also in this case, masks that can guarantee maximum protection from heat are always recommended.

3- Wrong use of dry shampoo too

Dry shampoo is an excellent solution especially for women who have limited time to shampoo with water. It is a perfect solution if you want to get fluffy and shiny hair, but almost all of them make a mistake during the execution. When you apply it on your hair, you must spray it at a distance of at least 30 cm, otherwise, the shampoo powder remains on the whole hair, and it is not nice to look at. Furthermore, if this distance is not respected, the shampoo is not distributed evenly over the skin and roots.

4- Make shampoo often

Shampooing is often a common habit, it should be done no more than twice a week, apart from those who practice sports. Women who have oily hair can do it three times a week, to avoid stressing them more.

Women who have very thin hair make the mistake of repeating the shampoo several times in a week, but the advice is to do it every 6 days, perhaps using a specific product that gives volume to the hair, so they will not be flattened.

5- Never make a mask

Hair that is subjected to frequent stress such as:

  • chlorine: not only in summer, but also women who practice swimming;
  • air pollution; especially for women who live in the city or play outdoor sports, but always in the city;
  • tinctures;
  • drying with plate and curling iron.

In these cases, or in a preventive way it would be appropriate to make a moisturizing mask at least once a week, combined with a specific shampoo.

It is really important to do it to strengthen the hair, so as not to be dry and brittle.

6 – Use lacquer before the plate

Spraying hairspray on damp hair and then drying it is completely wrong for two reasons.

  1. The alcohol contained in the lacquer in contact with heat burns and consequently also the hair;
  2. A patina is formed on the hair which makes the hair duller.


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