Shaved hair for women: that’s why choose them

Shaved Hair for Women

In recent years, shaved hair is no longer a symbol of masculinity and strength, but rather is chosen by sophisticated and chic women. Let’s see why the shaved cut is super trendy and feminine

Many women think at least once to make a clean cut to their hair, a little ‘to change style, a little’ to establish different stages of their lives. The shaved hair can enhance the shape of the face, give class and femininity, even if often unfortunately the main fear of being cut short woman is just to be masculine and too aggressive. The question that arises is therefore: who are they good for and when is the case to choose this cut? Here are some tips.

Shaved hair for women: who are they good for?

The shaved hair for woman is practical, comfortable, give a unique look and express the personality of those who wear them. In fact there are many stars who have chosen to give us a cut and show the features of their face in a direct way, without the pompous frame of the hair. The shaving of the hair, however, is not always seen well, some still think it is a symbol of masculinity and represents a rebellious gesture. In reality, there are many women who can make the most of their face thanks to a very short cut. So who are your shaved hair good for?

There are some elements to keep in mind, before moving on to the fateful moment of the cut:

  • it is preferable to have a lean and elongated face, who has a round or more rectangular face should opt for other types of shaved, with more length on the sides, or with a longer tuft in the middle;
  • the short cut enhances the big eyes, even if the makeup is always a valid ally to widen the look, especially when we talk about mascara for fabulous eyelashes.

The different types of shaved hair

It is often thought that there is only one type of shaved hair and that one can only have one hairstyle. In reality even the very short hair can be versatile and creative, but how? First of all it is important to underline that all, with both straight and curly hair, can choose to shave. With the hedgehogs, however, the advice is to opt for a scaled cut to play with the volume and movement, leaving the top tuft longer: the hardest thing in this case will tame the rebellious tufts.

In addition, you can play on colors, fluorescent colors and shades of pink have become absolutely trendy not only for the younger, but also for adult women. Some even choose to create designs and geometric shapes to make their hair more recognizable, but then you will have to deal with regrowth.

In general, shaved hair allows good versatility, the important thing is to play on different lengths and trendy shades, especially for copper hair. For example, strictly masculine cuts such as the side cut have become fashionable for women, and there are several stars who have launched this look at times rock, but which can be easily softened thanks to a touch of make up. It’s time to say goodbye to old clich├ęs that indicate very short hair like masculine, now it’s time to give space to creativity!


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