Shatush Copper: How to Make Yourself and Tone Most Beautiful Things to Do

Copper Shatush

Copper shatush is a shade that allows you to create natural reflections on all types of hair. In particular, the copper is suitable for the brunette but on the blonde is able to create looks that do not go unnoticed.

The shatush is among the most popular choices and requests of women and hair-stylists. The copper shatush certainly does not go unnoticed. The reason is very simple. In addition to its versatility and the final effect on long or short foliage, it can be performed on all types of hair. This technique is an alternative to sunstrokes and streaks.

When choosing the color palette, it is important to evaluate some aspects: shape of the face, natural color of the hair and complexion. The cut and the personality of the woman also play a fundamental role. For this reason, if you are not convinced or sure of the color to choose, it is advisable to seek the advice of an expert. In fact, thanks to its competence, professionalism and experience, the hairdresser will be able to suggest and evaluate which shade of copper red to choose.

Let’s find out how to do it and what are the most beautiful shades to show.

The reflections that are obtained with copper shatush are an alternative to sunstrokes or meches

How to Make Copper Statush

Copper shatush can also be done at home. Doing it is very simple and requires only the purchase of simple materials for coloring. In addition to the 30-volume bleach, you will need 30-volume oxygen. Follow the instructions shown in the product and bleach the locks you are interested in. After leaving the dye in place for about 20 minutes, proceed to washing. Be very careful and make sure you have completely rinsed your hair. Since the hair will be stressed by discoloration, remember to apply a nourishing mask at the end of the treatment. You have obtained your coppered shatush; you just have to go to the fold that you like or that you have chosen.

The shatush, in general, can be performed over the entire length of the hair or start from the middle of the crown to reach the ends. Generally, in the latter case, it is usual to start from the ear or shoulder. The effect that will be obtained is different. For this reason, we need to evaluate how to do it taking this factor into account.

It is a color suitable for browns

The Most Beautiful Tonalites of The Shatush Copper

The effect obtained with copper shatush changes according to different criteria. The shape of the face, the color of the hair base and the complexion of each woman plays a key role. Even the cut and the personality are able to modify and make the color of the shade unique. This shatush allows you to change, upset or improve the beauty of every woman. In particular, copper shatush is suitable for brown hair. The different shades, which give natural brightness to the hair, range from copper red to copper blonde.

An advantage of the choice of this shade is that, despite the regrowth, you can enjoy the effects and color games that will be created.

Shatush Copper on Hair Castani

Brown hair is ideal for different coloring solutions, including shatush. In this case, the shade to be preferred is coppery brown or copper blonde. The effect you will get will be completely natural and your hair will look bright and beautiful.

If your brown is dark you can opt for a more intense copper and access, a fiery red, which will give your face more brightness. Your look and your skin will be highlighted.

it is fine on both straight and wavy or curly hair

On Biondi Hair

Copper shatush is also suitable for blondes. The final effect, however, will be not very natural but still very beautiful, elegant and appreciated. In these cases, for a result that will not go unnoticed, you can perform the shatush on the tips or do the opposite and dye the roots red. In wanting to dare, the shades to be preferred and to be able to play are fire red or red that tends to orange.

On Dark Hair

The advantage of choosing a lightening technique is that it allows giving light to the hair when it is very dark. In these cases, the shade of copper shatush to be preferred is that which tends to the colors of mahogany.

On Black Hair

To create a game of contrasts and harmonies between colors, the shatush ramato is the winning solution even on black or very dark hair. The coppery reflections of brown or copper will create a play of light and contrasts very beautiful to see. This choice is suitable for those women who want to change their look. It is also the favorite choice for those who want to lighten their hair in summer and make the cut more suitable for colors and places of summer.


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