Shatush Blue: How to do it and Fashion Ideas

shatush blue

The shatush blue, a hair bleaching technique, original but still refined, suitable for women who want to change your look: the ideas most fashionable shades according to the different hair colors and as you do at home or hairdresser.

For a bolder look the blue shatush is certainly perfect. But how to do it and who is this particular coloring technique good for? First of all, you need to match the right shade of blue with the color of hair you are wearing, then you evaluate the effect you want to achieve by also taking into account the complexion of your skin.

In fact, in fact, the hair root is not modified, and only the lengths are used. It is not important to be smooth or curly, the shatush effect will be visible and, above all, one must not be a slave of regrowth dyes.

This is a particular variant of the classic shatush, one of the most fashionable trends in recent years. But while the most widespread version is chosen a little by all women, the one on the blue is preferred by the younger ones, especially by those who have a style that does not go unnoticed. Undoubtedly, before deciding to do the blue shatush you need to be convinced, as this is a decided change.

Blue Shatush, How to do it

To make the blue shatush at home, you can buy the special kits at specialized dye retailers. However, it is always better to consult your hairdresser, as it is such a particular color. It would be much better to evaluate with the trusted hairdresser the most suitable shade and how to proceed.

It is like all other shatush shades of a hair bleaching technique. Here’s how to make a perfect blue shatush:

  • first of all, it is necessary to divide the hair into different strands in order to be able to tease them
  • it then moves on to the bleaching phase: after wearing the gloves, the color is spread starting from the tips, then it is left to act for about 15 minutes
  • after the laying time, the hair must be washed with plenty of water, making sure that it does not remain a product, and then use a balm to soften them and make them better detangled.

It is very important to fine-tune the hair to ensure that the coloring product has its effect. However, it is not recommended to overdo the bleaching to avoid excessive stress on the hair. This must in fact appear healthy and shiny: it is also possible to provide professional treatments, such as special hair masks with streaks and colored, so that the color can be kept longer, in addition to protecting the hair.

Stylish Ideas With Blue Shatush

There are many fashionable ideas for creating a beautiful original blue shatush. The key to a great result is choosing the right shade of blue, the one that best suits your tastes, the basic color of your hair and the color of your skin. The nuances can in fact vary, but the main and the most chosen are:

  • the blue: excellent the effect on blond ash or light brown hair, but can also be achieved on raven hair. Much loved by the very young, blue recalls the colors of the sea
  • electric blue: it looks better on darker hair, being a bright color on black it stands out more. Appreciated enough even on brown hair. The effect on blonde hair and on very fair complexion girls is less positive
  • midnight blue: the right shade for those who do not want to give a strong and strong touch to the hair: the important thing is that they are done on very dark hair, so that the cut is not excessive. The shatush on midnight blue is able to give a sensual look without going too much over the top
  • light blue: suitable for blond hair, especially the lightest. IF it is true that the blue shatush is better matched to dark hair, that is the valid alternative for blondes can be light blue, light and pastel color.
  • the blue gray: certainly the most intriguing as color compared to the others, capable of giving intense reflections above all on the brown and raven hair. The look will be chic and out of the ordinary, it will surely leave its mark.

For those who dare to change and do not want to go unnoticed, all that remains is to try the various shades of blue, and give an original touch to one’s hair, without losing its refinement.


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