The ‘shag’ cut is back and looks cuter than ever!

Shag cut

Deciding a new haircut, dye or balayage, is never simple, because there are cuts that are not flattering because of the shape of our face; However, there are others who, because of their versatility, do well for any girl, and that is the shag style.

Shag or shaggy is a cut that does not have a defined length, that is, it can be worn in extra long, long, midi or short hair, with or without bangs because its glamor lies in the multiple layers that provide volume and movement. Best of all, it adds a romantic, casual or sensual touch, depending on your outfit.

Light layers for soft waves

Rough, bold and sensual

Romantic night and day

Ideal for badass girls

Forget the use of pincers

Give volume to that thin hair

Hairstyle or disheveled?

Add a bangs

Extra volume

Perfect for a casual date

More layers, more sensuality

You’ll want to show it on Instagram

Enhance your facial features

Dare to change your look!

The cut that suits us all


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