Shag bob: cut for those who like long hair graduated

Shag bob

For all women who love long hair scaled, there is a perfect solution: the shag cut, with a grunge style, which already depopulated in the seventies among rock girls like Deborah Harry and Patti Smith. Today there are many supermodels who have decided to opt for this type of hairstyle, perfect also to create beautiful hairstyles semiraccolte, parading on the most important fashion shows around the world: here is his story and how is reinterpreted today.

Long hair climbed: the story of shag

If we talk about the haircuts of the 70s we can not fail to mention the very famous shag: but what does it consist of?

The shag cut is full, very scaled, usually in the middle of the head and on the sides, and can be worn with or without bangs. It is a historical cut, invented by Paul McGregor, hair stylist of the East Village of New York who would have cut Jane Fonda’s hair in the fateful shag shape and from that moment on would have become a real celebrity.

Among the haircuts climbed in the 70s is what has certainly been more successful so much that today is back in vogue, as proof of its beauty and excellent portability. This cut provides volume on the head, very stretched tips and bangs: it is perfect for those who have hair that comes behind and is looking for a trendy and practical look.

There are so many celebrities that this year have decided to show off: The basic cut is nothing but the long bob, whose length can vary from under the chin up to reach the shoulders. The volume is concentrated in the upper part of the cut, on the roots, while the lengths are animated by strong scales. The styling is natural and messy and is to be tried with full bangs, long up to the eyebrows or curtain.

Haircuts 2018: the most famous

In addition to the classic long hair climbed, 2018 has given many other hairstyle to try, here are the most popular:

  • the long bob, that is the long bob, was much loved by the stars on the catwalk. The length exceeds the clavicle, with tips that are often longer on the front: it is perfect for wave lovers;
  • the glass bob is another cut that has had a lot of success. It consists of a helmet with a clean cut, very smooth and extra-bright finish, much appreciated in the ’60s;
  • another variant that has been seen on the catwalk is the coarsely shaped bob with a decidedly vintage look, perfect for those with thick, full-bodied hair;
  • another cut that like, but not easy to wear, is the XL with a dizzying length, ideal for playing with different hairstyles, obviously requires special care.

There are plenty of opportunities for women who want to renew their look, daring with dizzying length, with rock hairstyles or with a more jaunty and sophisticated cut. The secret is to trust their trusted hairdresser who will choose, depending on your face shape and hair type, the best solution to get a final effect really wow!


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