Shadows on long dark hair. Scandinavian, color, ash light. Shadows with strip

Shadows for dark hair

The benefits of coloring shadows for dark hair

One of the most widespread painting technologies among the famous hair stylists is Ombre for dark hair. Long curls, using a similar coloring to benefit more.

The main advantages of Ombre coloring are:
a great variety of colors, delicate on the hair, give visual volume to your hair, without age limits, there is no need to adjust the effect dye for up to 3 months, the possibility of treatments at home without having visited the salon.

Types of coloring the Shadows and for what kind of facial shape and skin tone adapt

The choice between the different types of coloring Shadows, you should consider your face shape and skin tone.

The main selection criteria of the Shadows style face shape:
to lengthen a round or oval shape, use a lighter shade near the face; for diamond shape owners, using dark colors near the face; a triangular shape, it is more advantageous to beat the use of warm colors; trapezoidal face is particularly suitable for light roots.

Dark ombre long hair, involves the choice of tone-based color combinations of ladies skin, willing to try this new dyeing technology.

If it is not correct choice of color combinations Ombre of the skin of the face can acquire a pale or yellowish tint, lose their natural shine. Such unwanted changes can compromise appearance and add age.

The tone of the skin
The recommended shades of dark ombre long hair

Basic colors
Further nuances

Pink / Blue
Dark brown, Auburn or light
Golden, honey, ash

Honey-brown, Gold

Dark chocolate, mahogany, chestnut, Auburn
Cinnamon, dark, copper, Bordeaux

Dark shadows, long hair, like dyeing, involves a large number of species.

But, in the midst of this diversity, highlights the following:
classic Shadows; Shadows color with blonde roots and bleached, tips; regretted booking; Shadows with the band; Shadows of color; the use of different shades of ash Shadows; Shadows of Scandinavian.

Classic Ombre

Classic Ombre used two main colors, with a soft transition to give the hair a natural beauty. A transition can be made at any length level.

The main shadow is usually left to the natural, on the basis of which, using the techniques of a skilful combination of colors, a gradual transition to the bleached ends.

With blonde coloring roots and bleached tips

Using this hair coloring technique Ombre roots give a slight clearing, and the tips are discolored.

It is important to remember! It is impossible to perform the discoloration procedure to divide the hair.

Refurbished reservation

The coloring technology regrown reservation, the roots are dyed to a darker color, or remain unchanged. And the remaining hair length is smooth transition to a lighter shade.

Shadows for long dark hair popular with many show business stars. Among those not presented with an elegant color Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Salma Hayek and many others Ombre on dark hair long. Scandinavian, color, light ash Ombre with stripe.

Shadows with stripes

The technology coloring with Strip Shadows applies a sharp transition with the division of the hair length into three zones.

The top and bottom of the foliage is colored in one color and in the middle the length is a bright accent that contrasts with the main color.

Shadows color

For Colored Shadows uses bright and extravagant colors like blue, green, pink, emerald, red and others. With this background as basic threads from the roots remain in natural shade or colored paint, the natural tints.

Use different colors

Use the many different nuances to multi-stage transition of colors and gradients. In this case, it will take three or more tones.

The combination of color and tone transitions should appear simple. Used in this case the range is more often based on natural shades.

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