Shadows for medium-length dark hair

shadows for medium-lenght hair

Shadows is a relatively new phenomenon in the fashion industry. Considering the type of hairdressing services is a special coloring with a transition between two or more colors, sometimes with a completely opposite shades.

At the birth of this colorist master coloring, changing the natural color of the tips, he tried to create the effect of burnout. The result will be a new trend with confidence has taken the leading position in hair dye technology.

Blonde shadows and light brown hair

The decision to make Ombre unlimited allows you to experiment with colors. The technology is in the title. The verb «Shadows» in French means «blackout».

The article is dedicated to Shadows for medium-length dark hair: photos are also present.

Intact by coloring roots remain a part of them. The hair tips so colorful in any suitable color. This combination creates an elegant shade. The color border may be light or blurred.

Incredibly the last Shadows looks great on dark, not very long braids.

The technique involves the lengthening of a color from the roots. They are usually stained darker shades, and arraying the ends in bright colors.

More shades tend to be more natural.

Popular among which are the following:

honey, chocolate, coffee, gold, amber, copper, natural, light brown.

Be aware that the transitions between colors must be soft, without roughness.

Dark shadows, straight hair of medium length

Incredibly the last Shadows looks great on dark, not very long braids. Hair show a change in shade from light to dark colors or vice versa. The classic version provides for the lack of a clear separation of tones.

The color palette of this picture can be very different. The main condition for a successful result – the right color-type balance with the main haircut tone.

This technique is like the winning combination of naturalness and the ultimate in high quality, fashionable, suitable for girls who are inclined to experiment with bright colors, but not willing to completely lighten your braids.

Shadows for medium-length dark hair: color box

Shadows successfully focuses Novogodnee and individualism standard medium-length hairstyles. The freshness of the image created thanks to the soft transition of tones, gives a more youthful appearance.

In this case Shadows for dark hair of medium length, well blends with extra-long side curls, what you can see in the picture, and this should be emphasized with red fiery and blueberry shades.

The tips, painted a bright honey-colored, combined with dark roots, will be the fall back option in case of inadequacy of bright tones in the hair.

The attractiveness of the insertion point to strengthen Shadows of white and crimson hues. This will surely improve the personality of the owner.

Please notice! Shadows do not seem thin or brittle hair. In such a situation, the clarification focuses only on their unhealthy.

Haircut for Shadows for medium-length dark hair

Many professionals believe that hombre, introducing novelty in appearance, may be suitable for everyone, regardless of the length of the hair. For medium and curls, the gradient is particularly popular, making a climax, but it does not change the fundamental way.

Popular among the masters of the following ideas:

Shadows not much long hair with bangs. The coloring occurs in the toe area without touching the bangs. The exception is the long asymmetrical bang.

Curls on medium hair will help to highlight the colored ombre curls, creating a play of light and shadow.

Cascade type haircut is recommended pairing with a vertical Ombre weave, affecting a single toe.

Ombre coloring for dark media hair: technology

Using Ombre dark hair technique, one should remember several factors that determine its classification:

The length of the wires. The number of colors used.The share of painting strands. Length of colored hair determines the final result. The shorter the wires, the more the result will be similar to Balaj. Shadows from Balaia is the maximum height of the painting, which extends the pigment only in half threads.

The number of colors used:

degrade –
Guaranteed creates the effect of natural whitening of the hair due to the stretch marks of dark hair color, pulling color to the ends, starting from the middle of the hair at the ends created the lightest tone;

the Shatush technique
characterized by the presence of clear lines, at border crossings of colors; in this case, the coloring occurs only in two colors;

shadow Shadows
it is characterized by the black and white coloring of different shades;

dark natural color
for example, it is made of stretching and clarified colored areas in custom colors (blue, red);

reverse Shadows
provides the application of the dye is not on the tips and roots of the hair.

Classic Ombre for medium-length dark hair

The classic Ombre coloring is accentuated by two tones with a soft transition. Basically, this option would prefer brunettes and red-haired girls. This kind is characterized by the naturalness of glare having different shades, in which maximum naturalness.

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