Gray, ash or pearl: all the shades for platinum hair

platinum hair

Among the hair color trends of this season, the platinum color stands out with all its nuances. Whether for young girls or middle-aged women, platinum hair is suitable for strong characters and eccentric spirits, for all those who like to be noticed as the beauty icon par excellence Marylin Monroe.

Here are the best tips to choose the best platinum shade for you, also based on your hairstyle.

Is the platinum color on the hair good for everyone?

Many are the celebrities who have dared with this color, starting from the Italian fashion icon Carla Gozzi up to the very young supermodel Cara Delevingne. And if platinum once required strictly the long hair, for this fall-winter the imperative is the short hair, to the boy.

But does platinum blonde feel good at all, like a more classic blond nuance? The answer is no. Platinum hair requires a fair complexion. This is because they clash with olive or dark skins and, moreover, for all those who are brown or black, the necessary decoloration could ruin the hair, stressing and weakening it.

All the shades of platinum

Of platinum, there is not one, of course. Once you are sure you want to transform your look with this color and you have decided which professional to turn to, the hairdresser of trust or a salon that deals with cutting-edge techniques, you will only have to choose which shade is best suited to you .

There are three main and most requested:

  • gray platinum
  • ash blond
  • pearl blonde

Platinum gray hair

Perfect for diaphanous skin and light eyes, the platinum gray hair is very trendy in the wake of the silver hues on the catwalks since 2017. If once the gray hair was the nightmare of all women, now they dictate fashion: no more regrowth Although there are several tutorials on the net for do-it-yourself tints, for this hair color we recommend contacting a professional hairdresser since the discoloration, if poorly performed, could lead to disastrous results which will be difficult to remedy.

The platinum blond ash

The ash blond is a cold color, difficult to obtain, but which gives the look a refined and sophisticated air. It is made with the technique of totalization, or a lightening followed by the application of an even colder tint on the locks. The ash blond is a very versatile nuance, suitable for both women who love the more traditional style, and for those who instead focus on eccentric cut and color. Moreover, it lends itself well to contrasting games between tips and roots, for example with the balayage technique.

The pearl platinum blonde

Among all the shades of platinum, along with the Vanilla Lilac, it is the most daring, but also the most glamorous. It requires almost rigorously a light complexion, porcelain effect, to which it gives a lot of brightness by contrast. As for the cuts, it is good on both long hair and a short cut, especially if flared and asymmetrical for a glam rock look that will not go unnoticed. For those who love to dare, the pearl platinum is enhanced even with the long, feminine and sensual bob.

In short, if you are a beauty addicted who can not give up the fashion even with regard to the colors, the platinum hair is the right choice for this winter 2018. Always remember to take care of specific products that maintain the yield of color longer and ask your hairdresser for a periodic pickling to avoid brittle and lackluster hair.

So, what nuance did you choose?


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