Scalp scrub: the secret to having healthy and beautiful hair

Scalp scrub: the secret to having healthy and beautiful hair

The scalp scrub allows to improve the health of skin and hair: here’s how and when to do it to prevent and counteract any problems

Scalp scrub is a good habit to restore strength, brightness and beauty to your hair. This exfoliating gesture contrasts very common problems, such as dry scalp or fat with a tendency to dandruff that requires targeted treatments. Allows in fact to thoroughly clean and oxygenate hair and skin, ensuring a resounding result. It is no coincidence that experts have long emphasized how a skin peeling is effective in solving many problems and showing off a stronger and healthier hair.

Scalp scrub: because it is effective

The scalp peeling is an effective detox treatment to eliminate impurities that, over time, have penetrated the hair fiber and clogged the pores of the skin. It allows to eliminate dead cells, just with the exfoliant for face and body, making the skin breathe and providing new lifeblood to the capillary bulbs.

In fact, there is a profound link between the health of the scalp and the beauty of our hair, which must never be forgotten. Performing a scrub is the most effective way to feel beautiful and healthy again and say goodbye to the annoying scalp itching.

Scalp scrub: how does it work?

After discovering the importance of the scalp scrub, a question arises: how does it work?

The peeling works a very delicate dermabrasion on the skin, eliminating dandruff, oxygenating the hair bulbs and promoting the growth of robust and healthy hair. After applying the exfoliant, specific post-shampoo treatments are used, based on argan oil, jojoba and almond milk. The purpose of these products is to soothe dry or damaged skin, nourishing in depth. To make the action of the oils more effective it is possible to resort to an ultrasound plate.

Scalp scrub: where to do it

Scalp scrub is a very special treatment that can only be performed by professionals in the sector. The peeling is applied by a specialized hairdresser, who will decide how to proceed also based on the condition of the skin and the hair, possibly also suggesting specific treatments to treat any split ends. Thereafter the treatment can be continued even at home, using products formulated with particular regenerating, detoxifying and purifying ingredients.

Scalp scrub: the importance of the brush

A healthy skin is the first prerequisite for having beautiful and shiny hair. In addition to the treatments done by the hairdresser and the exfoliants that can be purchased in specialized shops, it is important to take advantage of another beauty ally: the brush. In fact, every day we should massage our scalp for at least 10 minutes to obtain great benefits. To do this we can use this accessory for everyday use.

What is it? The massage is done first with the fingertips, then you start to brush, improving circulation and eliminating fat and dandruff, paying attention if you have curly hair that require special care.

This simple gesture in fact allows to relieve tension, makes the hair more full-bodied and luminous, promotes microcirculation and eliminates excess toxins and prevents thinning hair.

The brush with a flat shape is essential to promote the oxygenation of the hair. Choose it with the rounded tip, to ensure sweetness and avoid getting hurt and paying attention if you suffer from itchy scalp, finally make sure that the bristles are evenly distributed to avoid tensions.

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