More volume and movement to your hair with a scaled hair

Scaled hair

The scaled cut is back in vogue in fashion, also because it looks good almost at all. Here are some tips on how to wear scaled hair and how to enhance your face

Beloved and versatile, the scaled hair is back in fashion on the heads of women all over the world, replacing the straight and square cuts again. Climbing is good for everyone and it is a cut that can be worn with any length. Here are some tips on how to enhance your face depending on the type of cut chosen.

Scaled hair: how to choose the right cut?

The peculiarity of the scaled cut is that it can give movement to any hair, regardless of the length of the hair. For this reason, it is one of the most requested cuts by women at their hairdresser.

Whether curly or smooth, the scaled hair is lively and constantly moving, therefore suitable for combining with particular color shades (even a beautiful pastel pink, for example) that highlight its shape.

To choose the right climb for your face, you must first consider its shape. If it is round it is necessary to give volume at the top of the head or choose a very long cut, with a scaling that makes the face thinner. On the contrary, if the oval is very elongated, the volume must be moved to the central part of the face to shorten the face.

The scaled short cut is suitable for different interpretations and lends itself to all styles, from the most classic bob, perhaps “bowl” to the more unconventional pixie cut, which can also be declined in the glam-punk version, with a completely shaved side.

The medium scaled cut fits every face and is the one preferred by most women. The type of scaling must always be decided based on the shape of the face and the type of hair but, in principle, it can enhance any hair.

The long scaled cut is a very feminine and romantic choice and is perfect for women who have very smooth and thin hair. Thanks to the movement and volume given by the hairstyle, the flat effect is averted. Those with curly hair, on the other hand, can lighten their hair and make it more defined.

How to dry scaled hair?

Once you’ve chosen the scaled cut, you have to take care of it with the right styling, regardless of the look you choose.

Those with long hair may decide to dry them with the plate and then emphasize the cut without giving too much movement, focusing on a simple and clean look, but also very formal. If, on the other hand, you want to express more character, you can opt for natural drying, perhaps upside down, which enhances the volume and dynamism of the hair.

Medium-length hair can follow the same rules as long hair, but can also be twisted with a more disheveled and disheveled styling, depending on the type of cut and your personality. Drying with a brush and hair dryer allows you to have a perfect and at the same time natural fold.

The scaled short hair is apparently the simplest to style, since it often does not require any care, if not a bit of gel or wax, depending on the result you want to obtain, simple and casual or more “rock” and decided.


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