“Round” face: 10 cuts to enhance your oval


In this article you will find useful haircut tips for those who have a round face: from the scaled cut to the bob with the bangs. Here they are all

How important is a good haircut to fully enhance our look? Surely everyone knows the answer by looking in the mirror! And yet, the hair we seem to like the most is not always the most suitable for us. Each face marries different types of hairstyles that enhance it and hide imperfections, highlighting its strengths. For a round face the ideal is a haircut to better harmonize your features. Here are some types of hairstyle for a cover outfit!

Round face hairstyles: tips

The face is round when the line of its outline creates an almost perfect circle. A feature is full cheeks and very little sharpness. But the positive side of round and full faces is that they always look younger despite age. To harmonize a round face, it is important to choose hairstyles to frame it, creating an effect of “verticality” and rebalancing it, especially to smooth out the plumper part.

Round face: short cut ideas

The watchword is: giving volume to the roots! So go ahead for short cuts, bob, pixie cut to highlight eyes, lips and facial features. You can get inspired by Michelle Williams who in glam events does not give up short haircuts, opting for a voluminous cut at the right point and with a side line. For those who love casual, practical and functional looks, the pixie cut marries beautifully, together with colored hair dyes to be experimented.

If you are looking for a perfect hairstyle for a round face that hides a short neck a little, you can get inspired by Ginnifer Goodwin who adopted an ultra copied 60s pixie look. But there is also the 1920s style of Jennifer Hudson, or the more elegant and sober one of Paz Vega. Katy Perry‘s pixie hairstyle is ideal for a punk soul. If you have a bob cut in mind, you can opt for Adele‘s famous shag bob that harmonizes and enhances the face, or for the slightly vintage-retro style of Mandy Moore with side line and light volume on the top, excellent tricks to lengthen the face optically.

Round face and bangs: precautions

If you are a fan of the bangs, you can also wear it with a round face, but it is good to keep in mind some tips to make the most of it. You can try the side bangs-tuft, light and scaled, to accentuate the verticality suggested by the line on the side, which also helps to give volume to the roots, lengthening the face. Just like Kirsten Dunst and Emma Stone who chose a side forelock that frames their face. To avoid the long and thick bangs that “cut” the forehead, shortening the face and emphasizing its roundness.

Fine haircut and round face: a bit of ideas

Fine hair is a big question mark for many women because it happens that they get dirty easily, always seem fragile and, above all, lack volume. So what cut should you choose for a round face framed by fine hair? To give thickness to the women’s hair, short cuts, a medium scaled cut or a little extended helmet with a possible side forelock are recommended as for Julianne Hough. But also keep in mind the glamorous irregular bob of Charlize Theron, the short bob, or a scaled yoke, like Ashley Benson‘s, great for giving volume, with the scaling concentrated on the upper part of the head.

Each face allows you to choose a hairstyle to make the most of it. Ready for a new look? For those with a round face, just experiment with the haircut that’s right for you, following these little tips.


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