Rose Gold Hair: a trend that does not abandon us

Rose Gold hair

Perfect for personalizing dark or light bases, Rose Gold hair continues to fascinate us. Learn all about this trend for super trendy hair

The Rose Gold hair continues to be trendy. They are made by mixing shades of soft pink and bright pink, which are made brighter by blonde touches. It can be realized over the entire length of the hair or only on one side, in fact the pink shades on the hair allow to obtain a wide range of customizations. In this article you will find everything you need to know to get gorgeous pink hair and take care of it.

Long or short? Rose Gold is suitable for everyone

Who is Rose Gold hair good for? Both for short and long cuts. On women who wear long hair, this color enhances the waves and highlights the volume of the hair, while on short cuts it further emphasizes the cheeky line of the cut. The color is ideal for the summer season, full of liveliness and open-air evenings for fun, a reminder of the joy of a period rich in light and happiness. His bright nuances characterize it as the solar shade par excellence.

Is this color difficult to maintain?

Absolutely not! Rose Gold hair does not require special maintenance. The best choice is to choose to make a shatush version, which leaves the root free. In this way it will be easier to make touch-ups and cover any white hair. It may happen that over time the color will appear less bright, but in these cases only a coloring shampoo will help, which will make the pink reflections of your hair come back bright. An application, every 5-6 weeks, will be sufficient.

Enhances the most imaginative hairstyles

Brown Rose Gold hair, pink-tinged blond hair and whole pink / golden hair make even the simplest hairstyles enchanting. Even a simple ponytail, like that of Gigi Hadid, immediately becomes trendy, while with the more elaborate hairstyles it is possible to obtain nuanced nuances that, with a few gestures and natural lightening interventions, allow realizing real changes of look. Perfect as a shade on blonde hair, this color is not by chance one of the most appreciated by stars of star business.

How to make Rose Gold on your hair

Contact your hairdresser to get perfect Rose Gold hair. You can decide to color them by yourself, but it is not certain that then you will get a result that really satisfies you. The steps to follow, to achieve the golden pink color are the following:

  • Hair bleaching with possible previous pickling. True professionals know how to desaturate the hair without damaging it
  • Color application
  • Maintenance, through the application of shampoos and restorative and moisturizing masks

If you are not really sure you want to permanently color your hair you can choose eye shadows or colored creams that, once applied, will go away after 2-10 washes.


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