Red hair: “Red is the color of 2019”.

Red hair

The trendiest color of 2019 is red. We interviewed the hairstylist expert Francesco Buscicchio on trends, colors, tips and tricks.

Red hair the trend of the year, how to choose the right shade of red based on the tone of your skin? We asked one of the best hairdressers in Milan: Francesco Buscicchio, hairstylist of famous people. Thanks to his experience we can understand which are the most popular trends in red hair.

Francesco worked 10 years alongside maestro Aldo Coppola, today he is the owner of the Cut-Milano salon in Brera. From her hands passed the hair of Belen, in addition to those of the entrepreneur Paris Hilton, the singer Ornella Vanoni as well as Italian celebrities and celebrities.

Here are the most popular trends in red hair with the hairstylist’s advice.

Francesco, can you explain to us what is the current fashion hair color?

For the whole of 2019 the most trendy hair color is certainly red, from the shades of Titian red to mahogany red to copper red.

How do you choose a perfect shade of red?

Not all are well with red hair. For a fair complexion it is good to use copper-colored or a blond tiziano that are closer to a natural effect. For dark complexions it is better to focus on more intense colors such as mahogany red. In any case it is a strong impact color recommended to those who have character and do not intend to go unnoticed.

Red tint or red hair with shades, what is the trend to follow?

On the subject of red hair, the 2019 hair fashion trend marries full, bold and uniform colors.

Can you dye your hair red at home?

Red is one of those shades that are not so difficult to make as they are difficult to keep lively and bright.

It is better to rely on professionals, however if you want to try a red tint at home it would be better to use very light colors like henna and dying plants that have a shorter life span, but it is easier to remedy in case of errors.

How to keep a red tint for a long time, what are the rules to follow?

Red hair is the one that needs more attention in order not to lose the intensity of the color, so my advice is to always use shampoos with a very low pH, which guarantee greater hydration, such as those best suited for coloured hair.

In summer I recommend using products that protect hair from lightening caused by sunlight and that keep the brightness of the red unchanged.

Even better if the trusted hairdresser is asked to add colored pigments to the shampoo to be used at home that enhance the red. Of course it is advisable to always use a conditioner in order to keep the color inside the hair.

In summary, it is always better to use the professional products recommended by the hairdresser to maintain a beautiful red hair.


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