Red hair summer 2019, all the nuances. Cuts and trends

Red hair summer 2019

Red hair summer 2019, this timeless color that has always fascinated women of all ages is back among the hair fashion trends.

From mahogany to copper to red and shaded locks, magenta to marsala, this is how you wear long, medium or short red hair in summer, according to the best salons.

The trend of red dyes has been in vogue since last winter. In fact, there are many images of hairstyles and cuts with auburn or dark red hair that we saw last season, but the trend continues because red is liked.

To tell the truth it is a color that adapts to every undertone of the skin but on one condition: to choose the right shade of red always recommended by a good hairdresser expert in coloring techniques. Meanwhile, let’s see the latest news to try now.

Red summer hair, trendy colors and shades: dark red

Red has endless variations, but for summer the colors of fashion also rediscover retro looks like the mahogany proposed by Wella Hair in its Instant Vintage collection.

Enhance the brightness of the hair this Kenra dye in a dark red shade. Hair color is definitely more current and modern.

Wine red dyes are also very popular, here we see it on a cut carre cut and a smooth but above all thick head.

The new colors, however, point to red heads with plays of light and shadows. We see it in this smooth medium-length hairstyle with a paro cut. Here the color has been realized on a chestnut head for a more natural final effect.

The red shades on a short cut made in a workmanlike manner like this one, give instead to a mature face in addition to further enhancing a styling.

For the more daring, a burgundy red balayage can liven up very dark long hair instead. Here is an example:

They are suitable instead for those who want to dare and get noticed all the cherry red colors like this one. To wear this color on your head you need to have a very young face.

Red copper for red hair summer 2019

Probably the hottest and most beautiful shade of red ever. Starting from the red Tiziano, whose origins date back to the period of the Italian Renaissance, up to the shades of auburn or copper-blond, there is a choice between the various shades for red hair summer 2019.

The success of a beautiful red head, however, always depends on the skill of the hairdresser, for example this medium cut color is so well made that it makes the hair look almost red.

In this photo the base is brown, to illuminate the hair is the game of contrasts wisely obtained with two shades of red and shades of copper blond that make the color more particular.

More coppery, but with a strong impact, is this copper red tint made with the colors of Wella Koleston. Here, however, the length of the crown, the eyebrows dyed in the same color of the hair and the bordeaux lipstick, give the whole thing.

The coppery dyes proposed by the salons of Aldo Coppola that point to the sensual and natural effect are unequaled.

The auburn blond as well as being a color that gives brightness and character, is always very fashionable. Here’s how Intermedé’s French hairdressers propose this color for the summer.

Among dyes and shades these are just some of the most beautiful images of red hair summer 2019, as we said in fact, the red hair trend continues also for this season.

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