Red hair: all the most beautiful nuances of the 2019 trend

Red Hair 2019

Red hair is all the rage this year: here’s how to choose the right shade based on the natural color of hair and complexion

Coloring your hair is one of those trends that never goes out of fashion. And in 2019, wearing red hair is the unexpected trend of the moment. However, before using any red hair color, you need to be sure of the result you want to achieve so as not to be disappointed in front of a red hair tone that does not fully highlight the shape of our face or the natural shade of our hair.

So let’s see, among the various nuances, which is the most suitable for your look.

Flame red hair

The fiery red is a very peculiar shade that does not give to all, we clarify. If you are looking for an egocentric idea for your look and if we want, a bit punk, it can certainly be the right shade. The fiery red donates both to people with fair complexions and to those with olive complexions. A very vivid hair color that makes the face stand out considerably and is good for those with a regular face as it tends to emphasize the marked features of the face.

Mahogany hair

The mahogany red hair dye is ideal for those who want to switch from brown to red without making too big changes. If you have a dark hair color it is natural to be a little scared by a radical change towards red, so it is good practice for the first approach to red hair, to prefer a dark red hair color, like mahogany, perhaps using to a light henna hue. This shade also looks good on light and dark skins and does not weigh down the facial features.

Titian red hair

Tiziano red hair is for people who want to look seductive and bold. A type of color that takes its name from the sixteenth-century Venetian painter Tiziano Vecelio. Tiziano red hair is a sensual color that has, but also a particular brightness. This color is particularly suitable for those with dark blond and chestnut colors. While, speaking of complexion, the one that best fits is certainly the clear one where the color will be more natural.

Copper red hair

Now let’s talk about the copper-red tint: let’s immediately clarify that the copper-colored hair gives more to those who have fair skin while they could create a too “fake” effect on those who have dark-colored complexions. Red hair, shaded with this color, can take on various shades. If, for example, you have blonde hair, it is advisable to opt for a “Strawberry Blonde” color while, if you have light brown hair, you should opt for a cinnamon-colored shade.

In any case, to have a look with red hair suitable for you, whatever the shade of color you choose, it will be very important to have the right hairstyle, remembering also that it is not easy to remove the red from the hair. In any case there are reds that stand out better with short or long hair, while others still enhance curly or long red hair. The products for having dyed red hair certainly do not lack, it’s up to you to free your imagination and create your favorite style.

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