Red hair: all shades! Photos to find the perfect red

Red hair 2019

Do you want to have red hair but don’t know which red to choose? Here are all the shades of red with useful tips to find the perfect one for you!

Do you want to change hair color? Would you like to turn red?

Well, all you have to do is choose the best red, the one that enhances your face, which makes you radiant and more beautiful. Let’s find out all the red hair tones to choose from with hundreds of photos to take inspiration from!

Which Red Choose?

The hairdresser will ask you: “which red do you like?” Almost always the answer is vague and confused, and to clarify the ideas the hairdresser will show a color catalog composed of hundreds of strands of colored hair.

Red hair for those who are fine? What is the right shade for us? What we like and that is better based on the complexion, facial features and eye color. Below we present all types of red and give you useful tips on which to choose with photos of the looks to find the perfect red!

Natural Red Hair

Natural red hair usually corresponds to a phototype with green or blue eyes with hot tips, very light skin with pink undertones and freckles. It is a shade that will give you even if you have brown eyes with yellow tips and slightly amber skin. To be avoided if your skin tends to yellow or very dark undertones, black or olive skin.

The natural red hair is often also called Irish red because in the past most people with red hair – or even with the characteristic of rutileismo – were from Caucasian populations from Ireland or the United Kingdom. Women and men with red hair from birth have a light skin color due to the low concentration of melanin, which is why they are more likely to get burned in the sun.

Red Copper Intense Hair

It is a red that stands out and the copper of the hair is fine if you do not have many wrinkles, because this reflection tends to highlight them. It is a color for which the rules of natural red are valid, it is good for those with eyes and skin in undertones or warm reflections, clashes with light but cold skin.

Copper Red Hair

The dullest copper gives to those with ice-colored eyes and presents a very clear skin, but also to slightly darker skins. Always avoid going down a tone below or picking up a tone above, it would be a completely different red!

Dark Red Monago Hair

It is the perfect red for those with jeweled eyes (blue, green and black without reflections). Give girls with fair skin and similarly to women with dark, ebony skin.

Dark Red Hair

It is a red very similar to mahogany, so the same suggestions apply. Those with very warm natural tones should avoid it, because this red turns off the contrast and makes you look pale. Red is an energetic color, you would lose all its magic!

Monago Ramato Hair

A cross between the coppery tone and the mahogany, therefore suitable for all! The two shades of red will give dynamism and light to the hair. A sort of wild red, which you can try to get close to the tone.

Fire Red Hair

A non-natural color. It is a red that adapts to those with a regular face and few imperfections, because this shade will be relentless: it will highlight them all. It is a nuance for those who love extreme cuts and have a face with delicate features, to which the fiery red will add character.

Auburn Blond Hair

Very hot and intense color, it is good only for those with warm natural undertones. On cold skin and jeweled eyes the effect is to flatten both the color of the hair and that of the skin and the intensity of the look. On the contrary, the naturally amber-colored and complexion shades stand out.

Red Brown Hair

If you have a beautiful brown base and want to revive it a little, a red reflex is for you. It is good for natural browns, even with skin and eyes with warm tones, but also for those with cold skin and jeweled eyes. It is a good color to try the first approaches without trauma to red.

Brown Hair with Red Reflections

The light brown with shades of red is somewhat reminiscent of coppery blond, so it gives women with warm natural tones. If you can avoid the coppery reflection, focusing everything on light mahogany, it will become perfect even for cold and dark skins.

Purple Red Hair

Being a tone that comes close to aubergine red, it is good for women with green / blue eyes and undertones of cold skin. This is also an artificial color, which does not exist in nature, so it will have to be treated with greater care to avoid turning towards fuchsia or pink.

When choosing artificial reds – like this red plum – great care must be taken when exposing the foliage to the sun, because red tends to change, turn yellow or turn orange. For this reason it is essential to use a protective sun product for dyed hair and, if necessary, an anti-yellowing shampoo.

Hair with Red Locks

If a completely red hair does not convince you, bet everything on the degradé and on the méches. They look good on dark bases, from black to brown or light brown hair, while blondes should avoid them, the contrast would be excessive. The most popular are surely the red streaks on brown hair.

Titian Red Hair

Similar to natural red, Titian red is an elegant shade. It has the ability to be comfortable to all, if you know how to dose the nuances. More towards copper will be perfect for women with warm natural tones, towards light or dark mahogany will create red suitable for women with cold tones.

Cherry Red Hair

Another non-natural tone. It is good for women with cold undertones for both skin and eyes, without reflections and nuances.

Ruby Red Hair

Dark or light skin does not matter, ruby red is good for women with a cold and not amber undertone, both for the complexion and for the eyes.

Black Hair with Red Reflections

Those with black hair usually also have cold (dark or light) skin and brown, black or light eyes. It is to them that this red bestows.

Faded Red Hair

Choose the tone (or more tones) to create shades with different techniques, from balayage to shatush for red hair, but that are always in harmony with your natural tones. The nuances can be realized over the entire length, only on the tips or on the tuft in the case of short hair. The hair shades or degradé red hair have been all the rage in recent years, now they are less trendy but still quite popular in salons.

Light Red Hair

Almost a coppery blonde honey, and it is to this phototype that light red looks good: green, blue or brown eyes with yellow tips, natural brown or blond hair with warm shades and leather with pink or amber undertone.

Hairstyles Red Hair

A tone so beautiful and alive should always be emphasized by unconventional hairstyles. Abound with accessories (clasps, flowers in harmony with your nuance, bijoux hairpins) and let the nuances stand out fully. Hair collected or semi-harvested, but also braids and chignon. Curls and ringlets are generally the type of fold that best highlights red.

How to Make Red Hair: Tincture, Coloring Shampoo, Reflecting or Henna?

To get the perfect red for us, we must of course color the hair. Starting from your base, the hairdresser will decide whether to discolor, how much to bleach and how. Know then that the bleaching brings out the natural coppery pigment of the hair, so if you are aiming for cold tones, you will have to be patient to have the desired red tone. It is possible to color the hair with the typical permanent dye but, if you want to try something less drastic in view of an afterthought, you can focus on semi-permanent dyes, coloring and reflecting shampoos.

Semi permanent dyes do not penetrate the hair structure, but still contain ammonia and other chemical agents; they have the advantage of leaving after 8-10 shampoos. The reflectors are perfect for those who already have a natural red and want to give a new shine to the hair, but even those with warm hair in blond and brown can opt for the reflective, which goes away after a few shampoos. The reflectors, then, almost never contain harmful chemical agents, so they can be used in pregnancy (look at the label!). A cross between semi-permanent and reflective dye is coloring shampoo. There are various types, to be applied to wet or dry hair and, even in this case, they disappear with 8 or 10 shampoos.

The most natural red hair solution is henna dye. It has few contraindications, it is tolerated, as a rule, even by allergy sufferers and can be prepared at home. The laying times are long (there are those who keep the henna on the hair even 8 hours) and you have to pay attention to the composition: it must contain only Lawsonia Inermis to be really pure. Henna blends in with the natural tones you have in basic, so the same product composition can give different results from hair to hair.

Meaning Of Red Hair Color

Red is one of the most desired hair colors for women. Why do you like it so much? Because red is a warm color, it is a nuance that envelops, it is lively, vibrant. Red is one of the three primary additive colors. What does red mean? Expresses momentum, speed, power and joy, but also passion and love.

Red is the most stimulating and engaging color of the whole spectrum. A woman who loves red is a person of character, who is not afraid of being at the center of attention, who knows what she wants and is sure of herself.

Red hair, curiosity. Red hair has been the subject of many prejudices. In the Middle Ages, red hair (the color of the devil) and green eyes were the sign of recognition of a witch. Among the superstitions also the beliefs that red-haired people brought bad luck or were bad, is an example of the protagonist character of “Rosso Malpelo” the story of Verga. The idea that the genetics of naturally red hair also carries with it a fiery temperament like that of ‘Anna of the red hair’ is also widespread.

After this series of photos and lots of useful tips, all you have to do is choose the best red hair for you! Let us know which you like best, look forward to your opinions!

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