Red Hair, all shades and types of red for winter 2019

red hair 2019

Red hair, shades, shades and all kinds of fashion red for winter 2018 2019.

Do you want to dye your hair red but have not yet decided which shade to choose? We’ll help you with so many images of mahogany red hair, copper, red on red, red locks on dark or brown hair and all the new shades of red that go out of fashion now.

Red is not an easy color to wear, but with its many shades it reigns among the hair colors of the moment. If you want to change and dye your hair, or give a touch of red to your hair, here are the best images from which you can see what are the new trends for red hair.

But know, that to follow a trend is not said that you have to dye the whole head. Here’s everything you need to know about new red hair for the winter.

Red hair 2019, red copper

It is the dark red or light coppery red, the warmest sensual shade of winter, but to choose the right color you have to deal with the complexion, the color of the eyes and the eyebrows.

However, thanks to the new dyes a beautiful long thick hair can become as you see in this image.

Even the red copper hair, however, is not monochromatic, the new trends point to tone-on-tone balayage and hair with shades of two different shades of red and dark roots. He offers them on the bob cut as the L’OrĂ©al Professional team.

On instagram red hair in all shades, but also like pumpink hair. That is the pumpkin color with darker roots like this on medium and rough cut.

There is another trend, however, that really like lighting the long red hair on the length, leaving the root darker. Here you need a thick hair, healthy hair or extensions applied to perfection to get a hairstyle and a color like that.

This is a dark coppery that comes from the salons of Tony & Guy Usa, a beautiful color that enhances the light complexions and makes it very good on medium-long wavy hair.

If you like to bring a two-color hue from root to tip, this colouration created with Redken dyes gives the hair almost natural effect.

It is a warm coppery instead full of reflections and light shades or tone on tone that proposed by the salons of Frank Provost and, obtained thanks to the combination of three different dyes.

Who does not want to change dye but prefers to color only the lengths, can choose to leave dark roots and dye the rest of the copper red hair as we see in this easy hairstyle of Compagnia Della Bellezza.

Red hair 2019: among the colors the flame red and mahogany

Beyond the red copper for the winter we will see a lot of burgundy hair on hair of every length from short hair to medium or long hair, and red hair with intense colors or flame like this hairdo of Dessange Paris salons.

Scaled hair and always long parades illuminated by a fiery red tint is the proposal of the JLD salons.

The cherry red, or if you prefer mahogany hair, are proposed in various declinations, it is not a simple color to wear but it is the trend of the moment. It can enhance a hair up and smooth and give character to a medium cut. This is how fabio Salsa proposes them.

They have a darker mahogany color with lighter locks made with Wella Koleston hair dyes.

The burgundy color highlights these straight hair with bangs proposed by Biguin Paris salons. To get a hair so it takes the fold gloss or a plate that rubs the hair.

Red locks on dark hair

Whatever the cut the red locks appear everywhere, there are those coppery on scaled helmets as you can see in this beautiful winter hairstyle.

But there are also those on curly and wavy courts. Here is an example on a pixiecut where the colored strands in bright copper create an obvious contrast with the dark base.

The mahogany red hair and the fiery red locks give a dramatic effect to this short cut.

The easiest thing to do for those who do not like to dye their hair but want a touch of red in the hair to follow the 2019 winter trends? Dye only a side lock of a shade suitable for the base as this proposal of the Intermede salons. At the bottom of the hair grows and the trends change…


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