Rainbangs arrives: the new hair trend that paints your bangs with rainbows


Fantasy colors in hair are a trend that apparently will never end. Over the last few years we have seen how users of Instagram and other social networks became obsessed with painting their hair as if it were a rainbow or a brilliant peach, they even created holographic hair and they were all magnificent.

But the most recent obsession of beauty lovers is the rainbangs, a trend in which the fringe is dyed in a bright way to give a little color to your face. We are sure that this new fashion will look perfect if you try it right now.

Say “Hello” to the latest Instagram trend

The rainbang consists in dyeing the fringe with different colors

It’s a touch of color for your shiny hair

The four colors look beautiful if you wear a high chongo

Or if you want, you can complement all your hair

If you are a lover of unicorns, this is a color that you will love

It goes perfect with a blue hair tone

But definitely the rose stands out better

If you’re blonde, you can color your hair

Are you ready to try?


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