The Best Products for Blond Hair

Products for blond hair

What are the best products for blonde hair? Here Which to Choose

As for dark hair, even in the case of golden hair it is good to know the best products for blond hair. Blond hair is as beautiful as it is delicate, which is why a series of products that are specific to our needs are indispensable. The blond, whether platinum or honey, certainly offers many opportunities to change looks in a few moves and without excessive stress on the hair.

The blond, for example, is perfect for daring the Pantone color of 2019, the Living Coral, one of the most beautiful hair colors ever; or why not, you could think of a Toasted Coconut, which combines the cold white of the milk with the brown color of toasted coconut. We are talking about hair colors that are certainly wonderful but that require care and attention that should not be underestimated.

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Furthermore, the products for blond hair are formulated in such a way as to keep in mind that the hair in question is more delicate and thin than brunettes. Which is why the risk of being dull and fat just after a couple of days is very high. The first tip is certainly to use small amounts of shampoo and conditioner to avoid overloading them. But also try different products, from the masks to the most effective treatments, to learn more about your hair and make it always at the top.

The Secret Ingredients Contained by the Best Blonde Hair Products

The natural ingredients are the best allies of blond hair: honey, chamomile, coconut or almond oil, violet leaves and rosemary are very valid remedies to keep blond hair healthy. But there is more, because perhaps not everyone knows that the valid allies of the blond hair are purple shampoo and conditioner.

Washing after washing, with the sun or with products that are too aggressive, blond hair (especially when colored) tend to oxidize and lose the vividness of the natural color. The yellowing tendency of blond hair is a rather frequent risk, but it is easy to remedy it. Such as? Simple, with purple shampoo!

On the chromatic scale we know well that the yellow color is the opposite of purple. Consequently a shampoo rich in purple pigments is able to maintain a cold and vivid blond, far from those yellowish shades that are so feared. The purple color, in fact (just like the anti-imperfection correctors in make-up) acts against those yellowish pigments that make blond hair dull and “yellowish”.

It is therefore advisable to use purple shampoo and conditioner a couple of times a week, without exaggerating. The risk is that the hair takes on lavender hues. But in this case nothing to fear, it is enough to go back to washing blond hair with a neutral shampoo.

Biopoint Cromatix Spray, one of the best products for blonde hair

Affordable price and guaranteed result: it is the Cromatix Spray by Biopoint, one of the most chosen blond hair products for the “blondes”. Thanks to its particular formula containing hydrogen peroxide, this spray offers natural long-lasting lightening. Moreover, the particular conditioning agents inside it allow such hydration to make the hair soft and silky without weighing it down.

Alterna Bamboo UV + Fade-Proof Fluide Bamboo UV +

Here is the right product for those looking for effective protection for colored hair. The entire UV + line is formulated with elements that come from fair trade, guaranteeing the presence of certified eco-ingredients. Why are these ingredients so important? It’s very simple. The Kalahari melon extract, very resistant to water, and bamboo oil, for example, are important to defend the color and structure of the hair, creating a sort of protective screen around it, so that with the frequent washing hair loses vitality.

Moreover Alterna Bamboo is enriched with the special UV + formula, which protects the hair creating a sort of screen against ultraviolet rays, preventing the classic “fading” due to exposure to the sun. Alterna Bamboo’s UV + formulation, in addition to resisting water, is absorbed by the hair fibers, repairing and strengthening it thanks to essential nutrients and fatty acids.

Daddy-O Lush, one of the best products for blonde hair

The Lush brand, one of the best on the market for blond hair products (and not only), triumphs with the Dorian Gray Shampoo, also called Daddy-O. It is a violet shampoo, able to give strength and shine to blond hair. We know that an ad hoc product (like cold water) has the ability to close the cuticles of the hair. In this way the hair best reflects the light, appearing healthy and shiny.

But there is more, because the mix of lemon and brown algae contained in the Daddy-O shampoo cleanses to perfection leaving the hair soft and silky. Sea salt to give volume and extra virgin coconut oil to make the hair hydrated are the ingredients that complete this exceptional product.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde among the Best Products for Blonde Hair

Sheer Blonde blonde hair products enrich the John Frieda brand, offering a line of shampoos and conditioners that cleanse and brighten up golden reflections. The strength of the Sheer Blonde line is provitamin B5, which gently strengthens the hair. Excellent is also the duo “Go Blonder”, a product without oxygen or ammonia that lightens the hair making it brighter.

KÉRASTASE Shampoo Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet

With its special line of products for blond hair, Kérastase offers the possibility of enhancing the brilliance of blond hair in a completely natural way. The Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet shampoo is rich in purple agents and pigments that eliminate the annoying yellow-orange effect.

But not only that, because its specific formulation allows a deep protection against pollution and smog. Edelweiss and hyaluronic acid components help restore natural and shiny blond, guaranteeing nourishment to the hair fiber.

Well, now there’s nothing left to do but leave the house and go shopping, can’t you?


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