Post quarantine cut | The helmet will be the most popular

Quarantine cut

Hairdressers have no doubts. The most popular post-quarantine hairstyle will be the bob. Long, medium and short. Let’s find out together in its variants.

One thing is certain. We all look forward to the hairdressers reopening. In these quarantine days we have tried and tried again to keep the hair tidy. Between snacks and touches of color do it yourself we did our best but the results?

The tutorials came to our rescue but certainly the final effect was not like a real session by our trusted hair stylist. And while we wait for that fateful day, let’s find out what the cutting trends are for summer 2020.

Hairdressers have no doubts. The most popular post-quarantine cut will be the helmet in all its variants. Long, medium and short in all shades, the bob will be the master.

The bob will be the preferred post quarantine cut

A haircut that never goes out of style and that is always in trend thanks to its infinite interpretations. The helmet has been considered a must for the hairstyle since the 1920s. The bob, in all its variants, is for hairdressers the cut that lends itself to the most diverse styles, from smooth to wavy to curly.

It will be important to pay attention to the volumes to avoid that our hairstyle becomes swollen with a ‘helmet‘ effect typical of the 1960s bob. Therefore, depending on the fold you choose, you will have to opt for a different scale.

For an extremely smooth bob the crown must be climbed very little. For the waves it is necessary to pull out a little more so as to give movement to the hairstyle. While for the hedgehog it will be necessary to thin out.

The helmet can also be worn with or without bangs. In order not to do it completely even, if the bangs does not convince us, we can choose the middle way with a side band. A solution that will break that flat effect but at the same time will not engage us with a bangs that is difficult to wear if you don’t have more than straight hair. A choice that should be made, in any case, also based on the shape of your face.

On the lengths, however, you can vary a lot. The bob can in fact swing from the extreme short, to that chin height, up to a cut that touches the shoulders, longer and therefore easier to manage.

In addition, you can opt for an ultra equal and clean cut that best suits a smooth crease or for a slightly marched one that gives softness and femininity to the face like that of Alessia Marcuzzi.

Finally, nuances can be indulged on several fronts. In fact, you can choose to give light with lightenings in the wavy bob or to fade starting from a dark root up to a lighter color on the tips.

In short, we just have to do the countdown to finally return to revive our beloved hair.

by Cristina Biondi


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