Pixie cut: the glam hairstyle to copy immediately

Pixie cut the glam hairstyle to copy immediately

The pixie cut is the most desired short cut of the moment: minimal and feminine, it must be dosed according to the shape of the face and the type of hair. Find out more

When the hairdressers reopen there will be many women with the desire to change their look. Have you decided to give us a cut? Try the pixie cut! Extremely trendy, this asymmetrical cut retains something elegant, so much so that it was Audrey Hepburn who consecrated it in the film Roman Holiday.

In recent years the pixie cut has returned to the fore thanks to actresses like Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson and Charlize Teron. The advantages? Especially in view of the summer it is practical and versatile, the pixie cut disheveled by the masculine mood is ideal for the sea, and you can comb it in the evening for a sophisticated touch.

Be careful though, depending on our hair and face shape we have to choose some details such as length and bangs!

What is the pixie cut

The “classic” pixie cut is that asymmetrical and scaled cut, very fashionable in this season, in which the hair is shorter behind the long sides on the top with a bangs or a tuft. Obviously, there are several variations to meet the different types of hair and face: it can be more symmetrical, it can have shavings on the sides, strands paraded for a disheveled pixie cut effect.

But also the lengths vary! Let’s see them in detail.

Short pixie cut

It is the pixie cut that you see most around, but we can customize it as we prefer, opting for a very short one with shaves that immediately gives a rock, gritty and fresh touch. Obviously the short pixie cut is suitable for both those with straight and curly hair, as long as frizz is avoided. Who is it good for? To those with an oval face, with regular features.

Medium Pixie Cut

In this case we can show off cheeky hairstyles without problems and we don’t dare to cut too much. How to customize it? Let’s play with colors and shades! The medium pixie cut is the best version for those with a long face, especially if we are going to frame it with bangs, forelock or locks on the sides.

Long pixie cut

Obviously we are not talking about large lengths: for the long pixie cut we will not have to go beyond the ear lobes. Here we can have fun styling, just a little bit of wax is enough to create rebel crests and tufts. A particular idea? Let’s change the colors of the tips! The long pixie cut is ideal for those with a square face that needs to be slightly softened.

Who is the pixie cut good for

Surely if well modeled and studied, the pixie cut is good for everyone! With some types of face, however, it is better to evaluate carefully and how to make it: a round face is likely to make the “full moon” effect! To prove the opposite comes the pixie cut of Michelle Williams, who however chose a longer forelock to balance.

If we start from the point of view of the type of hair, this cut is beautiful smooth, but curly and wavy pixie cut is perfect for all those women who do not know how to tame their curly and rebellious hair, because it leaves room for the indefinite and tousled , resting the straighteners and hair irons. After all, the disheveled effect is a must for the pixie cut!


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