Pink or light blue hair: pastel shades are the new trend

Pink or light blue hair

We have seen all sorts of colors: today we are talking about hair and pastel hair, a must have trend for 2019

The pastel-colored hair is supertrendy for spring and summer 2019: the nuances can vary from the classic pink to fuchsia, from lilac to light blue passing from the hue of the year, the Living Coral, decreed by Pantone as the color of 2019.

There is no need for special care or pastel hair care, because most coloring systems are chalk, pigments that dye the hair only temporarily and “discharge” after a few washes.

Pastel hair: who’s doing well

Light blue sugar paper, pink in different shades, lavender, ash gray or pearl, mauve: pastel hair looks good for those with light colors: blond, light brown, ash lend themselves perfectly to pink & blue reflections, as well as light complexions.

At the same time, those with black hair and darker skin can opt for other shades, such as green or electric blue. In any case, since they are harmless and washable, you can do all the experiments you want.

The sorbet colors look good on both long and short hair, both on smooth and curly hair, and the same goes for short tufts and fringes. You can play with the pastel effect and the scalings, or with the ringlets and tails. You can ask the hairdresser for advice to understand which color and which cut is best for your complexion.

Pastel hair: pink, light blue, lilac

The trendiest colors of the sorbet hair trend are pink, always at the forefront, blue, lavender color but also peach, which echoes the Living Coral mood, bright and delicate like a cocktail to be sipped at sunset. The lilac, very trendy in 2018, returns in 2019 with many beautiful ideas and many ideas for hair in Unicorn Hair mood.

Among the nuances there is no lack of light orange, green, bluette, or pastel tones grafted onto Silver foliage, like the one sported by Ariana Grande long ago. For those who dare not have all the sorbet-colored hair, there is the possibility of performing the balayage technique, coloring only a few strands, or limiting oneself to the tips.

Pastel pink hair: pink tips

Only pink or blue points can be dyed. Pink is the most popular color and candy-colored tips are absolutely fashionable. The colored spikes go very well even with long ponytails, waves and semi-collected hairstyles.

Short pastel hair

Pastel hair can also be short, keeping in mind that the color is decidedly more evident with a pixie cut or a short bob. In any case, the shorts can be colored with locks, sections or evenly, taking up the sorbet nuances, from mauve to light orange to powder pink.

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