Pink hair: tips to choose the right shade

Pink hair

The blond is out of fashion now, every woman’s dream now is to have pink hair. Here are some tips and inspirations to bring with ease the color that appeals to all ages

From Hollywood catwalks to social media, more and more women are now choosing to have pink hair. What was once considered a color for teenagers or for punk girls, is now worn casually even by middle-aged women perhaps after giving more volume and movement to the hair with a scaled cut.

If you are going to dye your hair in this particular pastel color, here are some tips and inspirations on how to wear them and which shade to choose for your skin type.

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How to dye pink hair

Before choosing to color pink hair it is important to first know that the end result depends on the starting color.

If your hair is blond – natural or dyed – the color will be applied directly to the hair, without any special preparatory treatment. Who, instead, has dark hair and wants to get to a pastel pink hair color must necessarily turn to a good hairdresser who will have to bleach them and lighten them of many tones and then apply the color.

In any case, the advice is always to always refer to qualified professionals, because they are very delicate processes that risk irreversibly attacking the hair.

To obtain pastel pink hair it is necessary that the hair is healthy from root to tip, otherwise the final effect will be disastrous. Therefore, if your hair is not particularly fit, it is better to proceed with a reinforcing and anti-hair loss treatment first.

Pink hair: who are they fine?

Although it is one of the most fashionable colors, pink hair does not look good at all. To find out if you are suitable for dyeing this hair color, you can give it a try and make a temporary pink color, which will go away after a few washes.

Pastel pink hair, old rose or light pink? Even the choice of shades is not simple and depends very much on the tone of the complexion. People with skin with a warm undertone should move towards a golden pink tending to orange, while those with a colder complexion may opt for a fuchsia or lilac-colored color.

Although, especially in the entertainment world, so many people with dark skin have experienced pastel pink hair, this is a color that is more suited to fair skin.

Younger girls or more unconventional women can also choose to combine two or more colors and get hair with many shades of pink. Who, on the other hand, does not feel like venturing such a strong change of look, can choose to color only a few strands or to dye the tips pink.

Even the shape of the face and the haircut can influence the choice of color tone: the very light pink is good on all lengths, while slightly stronger colors are good especially on short or medium length hair.

How to keep color pink?

The prerogative of these colors with particular colors is being temporary: unless you choose a permanent color, within a few weeks, the color will tend to go away. How to keep the color as bright and alive as possible?

The following tips are useful for maintaining any colored head:

  • A few washes – at most two a week – and with warm water.
  • Once a month, make a treatment that keeps the hair soft, shiny and well hydrated. Oxygen therapy, for example, can be the ideal solution for having thick and healthy hair, even if colored.


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