15 Evidence of the trend of pink hair ‘cotton candy’ will never go out of style

Cotton candy hair

As with Instagram’s great beauty trends, talented stylists always find ways to create new styles for hair. Recently we have found a new way to wear hair and it has to do with sweets. Someone has created bubblegum hair, and it’s amazing! Of course, many stylists have been inspired by the colors of sweets, but none have tried to incorporate the sparkle and texture of the gum in their hair, until now!

After Kim Kardashian appeared with pink hair, people began to be convinced that this should be his next tone. Whether you choose to dye a small section of hair or do a bath of color on the entire head, the pink hair chewing gum is a cute color that suits all. These are 15 ways to use bubblegum hair.

Kim Kardashian could not resist this hair tone

It’s like having a cotton candy on your head

With some sea waves it looks beautiful

It’s a very feminine and cute tone

The change is quite obvious

You can use a stronger and brighter tone

This is an ideal color for a radical change of look

If you do not want to dye all the hair, just do it on the tips

A little pink highlights also look spectacular

Let it look with a rocker hairstyle

Lilac and pink make a perfect combination

This tone highlights your features and makes them even more beautiful

Curly hair looks very beautiful with this tone

A pink balayage with a bob cut is the change you need

And, of course, any girl is doing well


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