Permanent hair: things to know before you make it

Wind effect

Everything you need to know about the permanent: from cost to duration, to have soft curls and “wind effect” hair every time you want

There are many women who like to change their hairstyle and the permanent hair is always a great alternative: here’s what you need to know before doing it to get curly hair from envy.

The permanent hair was a real must-have in the 80s, so much so that many stars from the world of cinema proudly flaunted this hairstyle. Years later, the permanent is back in fashion, but with a completely new look: here’s what you need to know before doing it.

Permanent hair: what it is and how to do it

The treatment of the permanent to the hair has very distant roots: it was in fact implemented for the first time in 1906 by the German hairdresser Ludwig Nessler. And if until a few years ago he was accused of ruining his hair, today he is a valid ally not only to save time, but also to lessen stress on his hair with daily styling.

But how is the hair permanent? First of all we must know that it is a chemical process that breaks the natural structure of the hair so as to create curls also in straight hair, according to the products used, however, it is possible to obtain a permanent curly, wavy or even soft. In fact, recent techniques have allowed women to say goodbye to those excessively vaporous hair: today in fact it is possible to obtain a smoother effect on the upper half of the head and more moved on the lower half, in order to give volume especially to the lengths, but without weighing it down. or over-inflate the assembly.

Permanent long hair is no longer an impossible dream, on the contrary: you can get a very natural effect, similar to soft beach waves! Anyone who thinks that this hairstyle can be harmful to their hair is wrong: in most hairdressing salons, in fact, the treatment is decidedly lighter and in many cases does not even include the use of ammonia.

The permanent for short hair manages to give an irresistible touch of movement, almost as if the wind were able to give the hair an elegant and at the same time not set look. The only thing to keep in mind is that the best candidates for this type of treatment are women who have not undergone treatments such as m├Ęches or balayage, since the chemicals may take root differently on natural hair than those that are lightened.

Permanent for curly or permanent hair for straight hair? In both cases success is assured: this type of treatment is in fact suggested both for those who have little time to comb their hair and want more volume with a scaled and very rich cut instead of the usual straight hair, and for those with curly hair. lost part of their structure!

Permanent hair: cost and duration

But how long is the permanent to the hair? To keep the effect as much as possible, it is advisable to lightly remove the hair first and not wash it for the next 24 hours: in this way the duration of the treatment is around 3 to 5 months.

To promote a natural effect, a series of variables must be kept in mind: here are the tips on permanent hair.

This type of hairstyle is indicated for those who have little time to comb their hair and want more volume, in addition to a cut that is suitable for their face shape: moreover, after the treatment has been carried out, we recommend the use of shampoo and hair conditioner weak, the application of a mask several times a week and specific products to revive curly hair and protect them. If you want to change your hairstyle and are interested in knowing the cost of permanent hair, you should know that the price of this treatment ranges from 30 to 40 euros, depending on the salon you choose.


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