Perm for Curly Hair: the New Techniques

Perm for curly hair

The Perm Curly Hair is back thanks to Innovative Techniques

Attention, attention: the curly hair perm is back. Like many things, even those that seemed to have ended, in reality they have only changed … just like it happened with the perm for curly hair.

The perm is a cult of the 80s and 90s, which decided to return to the 2019 hair trend with a straight leg. But to follow a trend it is no longer necessary to damage your hair, because the new options to achieve sophisticated perms respect them at full.

From Emma Stone to Eva Mendes, curly hair is a real mania, which makes itself felt overbearing especially with the arrival of summer. In the hottest months of the year, when one of our biggest nightmares is to turn on the hair dryer, the natural blur guarantees a perfect styling. The perm guarantees us those wonderful curly hair that “never makes a turn”.

But one of the most common clichés on the perm theme is the belief that it spoils the hair leaving it, over time, dry and damaged. Of course, the first perms were very different from those that are made today. The new perm proposals protect the well-being of the hair with innovative products and techniques, offering perfect waves or curls.

The hair perm is no longer an exclusive of the last century, and now as then, it conceals something more than a simple fold. The perm brought with it its emotional load, an expression of that desire of the 80s not to go unnoticed. A strong and decisive request to conquer a space and affirm one’s personality. But there is a big difference compared to the Roaring Eighties: forget the vaporous hair with extreme curls.

How are today’s perm?

The new perm offers curly hair but not too much, opting for the so-called “beach waves” style, meaning waves that guarantee volume but at the same time are light and well defined.

The new curly hair is made of soft and natural waves that extend over the entire length. It is precisely the softness that is the hallmark of modern perms. This depends on the innovative keratin perms, suitable for every type of hair (even the thinnest), which does not attack the hair shaft.

We are far from those voluminous hair with very tight curls. The perms of the moment offer the possibility of choosing not only the size of the curl thanks to various types of rollers, but also the height on the length of the hair from which to start the perm.

The soft and natural effect of beach waves is guaranteed by a light perm with innovative products, such as the use of Olaplex or similar. We are talking about a revolutionary product for hair, which in addition to deeply repairing damaged hair, restructures them from the root to the tips, interacting with the hair molecules.

Perm Curly Hair: Who Can Make It

If before it was strongly discouraged the perm to those who have a hair with fine and treated hair (colors, balayage, shatush), today thanks to the new treatments none is excluded. The absence of ammonia in new liquids for perm does not damage the hair. Moreover, it does not exclude the possibility of being able to make even the hair smoother, softer and “bite”, depending on your preferences.

Perm Hair: How Hard?

One of the most common questions is: How long does the perm effect last?

The duration of the perm on the hair varies from 3 to 5 months and the blur effect gradually decreases with the washings you make. To try to keep the perm as long as possible, we use ad hoc products like shampoos and natural masks for wavy hair.

Also recommended are wide-toothed combs, a natural drying without hair dryer (if we are in summer) or with a diffuser, to keep at a distance during drying, so as not to weigh down the hair. Texturizing products for curly hair and drying upside down are the tricks most chosen by those who have just made a perm one.

A New Technique for Perm Hair

A perm hairstylist, Nunzio Saviano, spoke about one of the most popular techniques for the latest generation of perm hair.

Before the treatment the hair is detoxified: external factors such as pollution or products with silicones, for example, cause the deposit of minerals on the hair fiber. It is important to clean the hair before treatment, as these minerals could change the end result of the perm.

It then proceeds with specific treatments based on keratin and proteins, to preserve the well-being of the hair and strengthen it before the treatment. The next step is the choice of the curler: larger or smaller depending on your preference. The hair is wrapped on curlers and treated with a specific solution.

The setting time of the solution depends on the type of hair, even if it is usually left on for up to 30 minutes. As we have already mentioned, the best perm products are those without ammonia: certainly more delicate and less aggressive. Continue with rinsing and styling.

Finally, remember that the hair after the perm has changed: it is moved and above all treated. Therefore it is advisable to choose products such as shampoo, conditioner or masks that adapt to the “new hair”. Choose products that guarantee a moisturizing effect and enhance the new waves. And if it is true that every hedgehog is a whim, then thanks to the new perms we can grant ourselves all the whims we want with a light heart.


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