Collect hair in a pancake braid!


Having long and full-bodied hair allows for a very particular and original hairstyle: the pancake braid

It is delicious even to mention it, the pancake braid. Searching the web, between specialized sites and social media, it seems among other things that it is becoming the protagonist of the season in terms of hairstyle. Although the latest in haircuts, in fact, suggest short and à la garconne lengths, there are those who remain faithful to their long hair and who do not give up even when the temperatures rise and the temptation to get rid of a copious … . mantle on the shoulders would be all!

Certainly style your hair by arranging it in an original way and depending on the occasion it helps and, among the ways to tie it, bypassing the classic but always fashionable ponytail or the austere low tail, there are the braids.

That of braids is a world of its own, in the varied universe of the hairstyle: French, a plug, Dutch, single, double, defined or broken … there are for all tastes so as to have also teased the masculine universe!

On the web, videos and tutorials teach you to make them with simplicity, even those that seem more complicated. Not least, even the pancake braid.

 Just a rubber band, hairspray, comb …

In short, to make a pancake braid you need the “usual” accessories: the classic elastic, the fixing lacquer, the comb and a brush. But why is it called “pancake”? Surely from the famous dolcetto the braid in question inherits the soft softness: therefore no defined and drawn structure, but more natural and (cleverly) disheveled.

How to proceed

First of all the hair should be well combed with a brush and then with the comb, untangling them well from any knots or tangles (especially in the case of particularly curly and wavy hair!). Then proceed by dividing the hair into the necessary locks and combing them well one by one until they become swollen and disheveled.

Begin therefore to weave the strands coarsely, without pulling and without tightening them excessively between one weave and the next. Once the hair will be styled in their beautiful pancake braid, fix it all with a small elastic band and, gently or with the help of a comb, inflate the mesh of each weave to create the soft effect. Conclude by spraying a generous dose of light fixation lacquer.

 For those who are suitable

The pancake braid is particularly charming on long hair with strokes of light and meches that, precisely because of the final “soft” effect on the individual shirts, will be emphasized. Plump and messy “artfully” always guarantees a flawless and bon ton look, suitable for any occasion and time of day…

Here is our gallery: browse through it and take inspiration for your most fashionable pancake braid!

For those who love loose hair, here is a trendy way to collect them partially with a double pancake braid

This hairstyle with soft braid that runs down the back seems to be left to chance

A braid pancake for special occasions that requires XXL hair!

Performed with a substantial side lock this pancake braid is suitable for any occasion

A pancake braid that slides sideways and then collects in a sprawling chignon

Defines the head giving a “bucolic” result to the look

Here is the secret of the pancake braid: gently loosen each shirt to make it soft and fluffy.


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