Oxygen therapy for thick and bright hair

Hair oxygen therapy

Hair oxygen therapy is a particularly sought after and requested treatment for scalp health in recent years.

With hair oxygen therapy we mean an anti-hair loss and strengthening treatment that aims to promote oxygenation and cellular tissue exchange. Stimulating the cells means promoting growth and strengthening of the hair. The ability of this new technique to stimulate the hair bulb, which is often damaged, to regenerate and strengthen makes it particularly sought after. This anti-hair loss treatment is in fact required not only by women but also by men who suffer from discomforts such as baldness and seborrhea.

The hair oxygen therapy works thanks to the use of pure oxygen at more than 90% which is applied to the scalp with special machines. The application of this treatment is divided into several sessions, during which the use of special instruments is administered oxygen. The jets of this substance help the old cells to renew themselves and stimulate blood circulation.

Three types of hair oxygen therapy

Hair oxygen therapy is not the only one used in the field of beauty and wellness. Also very well known are the oxygen therapy techniques for the face and body, also used to promote the regeneration of skin cells. In the field of hair treatment, there are 3 different types: for damaged hair, for problems such as dandruff and seborrhea and for baldness.

The first oxygen therapy technique is dedicated to brittle hair, often ruined by too many dyes like balayage, anti-yellow treatments and the like or incorrect treatments. It is the case of wrong permanents or neglected hair, therefore needing hydration. Oxygen therapy for oily hair is the tool to combat skin discomfort and problems, such as excess dandruff and seborrhea. Finally this technique is used more and more often by those who have problems with hair loss and baldness and who need to stimulate growth.

Hair oxygen therapy: side effects

Oxygen therapy for hair is often not used for fear of possible side effects or deterioration. In reality the very definition of this technique must make it clear that this treatment is harmless. To stimulate the cells a substance is used, pure oxygen, which the human being uses to live. No chemical or harmful substances are used that can create allergic reactions or discomfort to the skin. The only exception that can be made is for pregnant women, to whom an abundance of oxygen could cause discomfort, even for their child.

Hair oxygen therapy: cost

The cost of oxygen therapy for hair can change a lot depending on the salon and the professional you choose. Each specialist can apply different prices depending on the machinery used and the timing of each session. The number of sessions can be decisive for the price, often the specialized centers provide a fixed price for a package of meetings. These packages are usually cheaper than the cost per session. Prices vary between 60 and 80 euros, often at least 5 sessions are required. The total price usually fluctuates between 300 and 400 euros for the entire treatment consisting of about 5 meetings. For specific rates, request a more targeted quote from a professional.

Our advice

As with all treatments, such as keratin treatment, if you are interested in hair oxygen therapy our advice is to consult a professional. Industry experts specializing in this treatment can advise on the most appropriate approach and can provide assistance throughout the entire process. It is also possible to ask your hairdresser if, for example, oxygen therapy sessions for oily hair could be the best solution for you. In this way you will have the sincere and trustworthy opinion of a professional who will be able to recognize your type of hair and give you advice on the appropriate approach.


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