How to do ombre hair color to look attractive and sexy

ombre hair color

In Hollywood mostly among celebrities this style is found more than anywhere else. During the red carpet event this hairstyle is mostly seen as they try to outshine by their new and innovative looks.

Actually the ombre hair was introduced in to the fashion scene. But now it is one of the most attractive hairstyles. There are so many ombre hair color ideas you can find.

What is ombre hair?

Generally, ombre hair is the effect of hair coloring. In which the bottom hair portion is lighter than the top portion. By bleaching the lower hair portions the effect is achieved. After the bleaching using dye on the bottom part the ombre can be evened out. These types of hair are really very trendy and stylish. There are many ladies who take it up as the best dying technique. From the mid-lengths to the ends you can get from light to dark or from dark to light coloring effect. These days in the salons the ombre look is really very popular.

How to do ombre hair color?

First of all, you need to caramelize the base. Use a natural color which closely matches the hair coloring level of your customer. You can also add some reflects but you should be sure that the color is 1-2 levels lighter. Then mix with the developer and then apply it on the mid lengths of your hair by using the dye brush but remember to not to color the ends.

The kind of hair that is suitable for ombre

On mid-length hairstyles the ombre works very well. Especially if your hair is wavy or curly then it is perfect for ombre color. To such hair styles it helps to add dimension and depth. But long hair is also suitable for ombre. If you use balayage techniques while doing ombre on your long hair, your hair can get really sexy and gorgeous hair color result.


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